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How often do jobs do drug testing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Larinus, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I'm getting a job soon, and I was wondering how often places like Walmart/Target drug test? Do they just do it when they interview you, or is it every few months?
  2. Every job I've had in the past did it upfront, and never again. I've only heard of them retesting if you seem like you're on drugs and they want to fire you.

    However, government jobs like DOD/DOJ always have random tests for the most part.
  3. Yeah I have never heard of a job re-testing, if that happens just get another job, but obviously dont ask if they will keep doing it. Alot of them dont want to do that, its expensive, they just do it up front for the tax credit.
  4. It depends on the job, but a place like walmart or target is unlikely to test you more then once.

    Lots of jobs randomly drug test though. My husband gets tested once a month, in addition to random tests.
  5. You all forgot to mention that if you are injured on the job you will almost certainly have to take a drug test. When I was younger I always kept a bottle of synthetic urine in my briefcase or vehicle.
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    For retail stores the drug test is given on the day of hire.

    So for example i know target has a 2 or 3 interview policy. You fill out an application in store, go for a quick 5 minute interview and if they like you they schedule another interview process either on the spot or call you back which consists of another 2 interviews in 1 day with 2 people. Thats usually when they decide if they want to hire you or not and if tehy do they order a drug test.

    If its a mouth swab (costco does these i think), than the interviewer performs this on site at the retail store. If its a urine test than they give you directions to a urine analysis lab and a time frame, (usually 12-24 hours from the time of the interview), to complete the urine test.

    That is the only test they do, although if you have a safety incident, (break something, fall and hurt yourself, operate machinery and accidently hurt yourself or someone else), than they will immediately order a drug test for that day and of course if you refuse or test positive you get the pink slip.
  7. It's funny that I've only gotten tested for my lower paying jobs. At jobs I was making $10-11.50/hr I didn't get drug tested. One time at work I cut myself pretty bad with scissors and they wrote up a report and I was afraid they would drug test me. Luckily they didn't because I did happen to be high at the time but that's not why I cut myself - natural clumsiness because I've nicked myself other times at work "above" the influence.
  8. Ive worked at 2 different grocery stores, and my friend works at walmart, and neither of us have ever been tested..
  9. I'm was recently offered a job at a local hospital and I know that I have to take a pre-employment drug test(which is why I haven't been smoking) but I'm not sure if they do random tests. Anyone work at a hospital and get randomly tested?
  10. I have a couple of friends that work in hospitals. They never mentioned anything about getting a random drug test. However, I would still be cautious. Certain places may operate differently.
  11. Most hospitals do the drug test at the beginning and that's it.
  12. Okay: to the OP, I worked for walmart from may of 2008 to february of this year and the only drug test I had to take was right after I was hired. They WILL make you take a drug test if you injure yourself as a way of trying to find a way to get out of paying for your medical bills. And i'm not sure how all hospitals work of course, but there's a lady in my Literature class that is a nurse at a local hospital and she tokes all the time.

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