How often can I use neem oil during veg?

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  1. Hey everyone, two outdoor plants in 25 gallon pots and they’re pretty dang big already. Everyday I keep going out and seeing new different types of random bugs around the pot/different areas of the plant. Yesterday I saw several tiny tiny little pink spider looking things crawling around the base of the pot, a few days ago I saw teeny tiny black insects on the underside of a leaf, this morning I saw some tiny little spider looking things where the bodies were extremely tiny but with long legs.

    Two weeks ago I applied neem oil for the first time. (70% neem, 2 tbsp of neem and 2 tbsp of dish soap per gallon of water)

    Then a week later, did the same.

    Now last night, I completely doused them in the neem mix hoping I wouldn’t see any bugs today. But I checked and saw those little white ones I had mentioned.

    So my question is, should I just keep dosing them with neem? Or can it damage the plant? What other measures can I take to keep my girls healthy? They’re in pots but closeby are tomatoes, random bushes, etc. so I feel like it’s difficult to keep the bugs at bay when there are so many other potential hosts. Any advice?
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  2. I hope it’s ok if I hang here with you OP as I have the exact same question. Sounds like the exact same bugs.
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  3. No problem, kind of disappointed no ones answered yet lol
  4. They will bounce by. May have had more luck in the Organics thread with this.
  5. Some photos would help. I am assuming a lot with out them. You have to rotate your treatment. Aphids, spider mites, russet mites, thrips become resistant to just neem. I would try Plant Therapy, or Flying Skull NUKem and rotate them. If you don't get them under control quickly, they will ruin your crop. Good Luck
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    Pictures would help a lot. If you have mites your want to spray neem every three days to break the egg cycle for a couple weeks. If mites are the problem which it sounds like it is to me. . Then weekly after that.
    But 2Tbls of neem oil per gallon is to much. Use at 1 tablespoon per gallon and a few drops of soap to emulsify. Soap nuts or Agisil 16 Potassium silicate is also good to emulsify with.

    Edit: Its extremely important to make sure you don't miss a spot while spraying your plant.
  7. Hey all, saw questions so I signed up to see if I could help.

    I have been using neem oil for decades and it works well on most pests.

    The only post I have found that get a tolerance is spider mites and only after full infestation.

    You can use it every 3 days to get pests under control and once a week thereafter.

    I promise it won't hurt your plants but you have to quit using it 2 weeks prior to flowering.

    If you get mites (the STD of growing) you may have to rotate between neem and another product.

    In the US there is another natural product kaboom that has coriander and other natural oils.
    Hope this helps.
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  8. Welcome to the forum wolfman and thanks for your input.
  9. If you can hold the plant upside down and spray. During the day they hide under the leafs.
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  10. Thank you dobro
  11. Are you the Wolfman that goes on Growcast podcast a lot to discuss tips and techniques?

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