How often can i safely dxm

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ClintonBoss69, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. obviously its not good for me in anyway.. but i had a dxm trip last night and it was really enjoyable and i was wondering if i could go again tonight with the same effects..

    i didnt wake up with a dxm hangover and i felt good when i woke up.. i didnt get sick last night although i was a bit nauseated at a few points..

    thanks for the advice:smoking:
  2. if your gonna do dxm on a regular basis you should do an extraction atleast look it up in the search bar
  3. im not looking for a regular thing.. it would be more of a tonight only thing.. i just want to be reassuered im not going to shit out my liver in the morning..
  4. I did it maybe 5 out of 7 days of the week for a few month stent and never noticed a tolerence develop at all. You should be able to take the same dose and get the same effects.

    but i dont recommened doing it several days in a row as you will feel it take a toll on your body.
  5. Yea dude you'll be fine if you re-do it just tonight. I even found the effects better if you do it again under 24 hours from the last time, if it was a decent amount that is..
  6. im a little hesitant now.. i just weighed myself and i lost 5 pounds since yesterday.. but it might be because i was scared to eat anything in fear i would puke..
  7. ya it was about 550 mg or a full 4 oz bottle.. i was happy with the effects.. the CEV's were amazing.. and music was the greatest haha

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