how often can i check my plants before...

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  1. How often can I look into my babies without stressing them out? I generally check on them twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.
  2. you can check as often as you want (but less often gives you more change to observe ;))
    the only thing to avoid to do this is interrupting the dark periods, making big temp flux, etc...
    when you go in there, breathing on/around them you even give them some CO2 to work with :D
    so that's that i'd say
  3. sounds almost like you're worried they can't stand your face or something ;)
  4. No I just am a loving parent of all my children.
  5. Just out of curiosity, I've heard that same thing before, but is something like the C02 you're giving to the plants even noticeable in the end result if you're around them much? I have a setup of 5 plants in my room
  6. One of my good friends grows and we always try to stay out/away from the grow area. The less you open the door, the less chance a mold or bacteria can get onto the plants.
  7. Opening the door often, brings in fresh CO2 or at least be bringing in air from an adjoining room via a fan. You should have an in fan and an exhaust fan. They say singing to your plants help, I think it is just the Carbon Dioxide you are breathing on them that makes them react. Look at them as often as you can, but let em rest during the dark periods. No exceptions. Even a small amount of light during the dark period can throw them back into veg and mess with the genetics.
  8. My ladies are a week away from harvest and I always check them in the morning and in the evening (after and before 'night'). I check the PH and PPM, room temp, nutrient temp and log the numbers on a sheet along with any notes of things I've done (added PH up/down, RO water, ...).

    Good Luck!
  9. Thats basically what I do. And I sing to her and talk nice. If it doesnt help I dont care. I love my mary jane.:D

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