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how often are u stoned?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 23, 2002.


How often are u stoned?


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  2. just once a day

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  3. only at night

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  4. in the morning

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  1. well how often are u stoned?????
  2. whenever i have it.. used to be all day every day but i moved :( and i know practically nobody here

  3. i used to smoke about 4-6 (or more) times daily, but now that i'm going to have to start taking UT's (starting in a couple weeks) i don't burn as much... usually once a week or so... and once the UT's start i won't be burning at all until they stop, lol.
  4. 4-5 times daily. or until i pass out usually.
  5. when i can be i am
  6. vanouver island! hahah, i live In Tsawwassen, you know the ferrie terminal?? thats funny shit.

    Ive been kinda dealing for a while now, so I always have bud to toke, especially if people are buying some, cuz Ill always match if they are down. But before that I was high pretty much everyday.
  7. whenever i can be as long as im not payin for it....i never pay for bud ...u can always get i free down here!
  8. All day Long , I have too I have a bad temper and it helps me control it better then any meds

    Thanks god, for putting weed on this earth!

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  9. i used to smoke everyday at least once a day....
  10. Uh..I really dont know..Pretty much all day everyday lately. I have a job that I can smoke at. and I always smoke with friends from work at someone's house every night. peace.
  11. about once a day if i can....
  12. Only at night and sometimes during the day on weekends.
  13. when i got it im a 12 j a day kinda guy. when i realise i dont grow and cant afford the toking lifestyle of a millionare i calm down to about 4-8 spliffs a day.

    need to get back on da bong... i miss being a bong head.

    uhhhh.... just read over everyone elses posts.... oh sh*t! does this mean i'm a heavy weight smoka?
  14. im surprised den hasnt replied to this one yet.

  15. BURLY
  16. whenever i have weed i smoke it!!! which is pretty much everday!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO
  17. I'm stoned more often then I'm not. I definitely smoke everyday, that's for sure!

  18. The easiest question for you would be when are you not high! LOL
  19. Fron the rising of the sun to the going down of the same till the rising of the moon till the going down of the same, to the rising of the sun...........
  20. Smoking pot is a great thing, do it as much as you can.

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