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  1. Im curious as to how often everyone smokes nd about how much weed do you guys go through. For me I smoke on average 3 or 4 times a day. I either vaporize, use my bowl, or roll a blunt I like to change it up. I normally go through about 1/8 in a week and a half and I try to conserve like saving keef and roaches.
  2. I smoke everyday.. Used to smoke alone a lot but now its just with friends
  3. I smoke as often as these posts pop up lmao. But in all seriousness I don't because these posts pop up all day errrrday.
  4. vaporize every day. runs off the hash oils go through a gram in like 3 weeks.
  5. i bake anytime past 2:00 atleast 3-4 times a day, i've come to realize that if i bake early i'll get nothing productive done. i buy an 8th probably every 4 or 5 days.
  6. It depends on how much weed i buy really. I can make an eighth last a week, a quarter last a week, an ounce last a week and so on. The more i buy the faster i smoke tho.

    I prefer to buy by the ounce, and ill prob go thru that in 1.5-2 weeks
  7. I smoke 4 to 5 times a day.. N I can try to make a 8th last a week
  8. I smoke multiples times in a day, and a lot every time. Last week I went through a half ounce with my one other buddy in 2 days. Just me and him. On average though, I'd say I easily go through about 2-3 grams of dank a day. It's an expensive habit though..
  9. go through about 2g's a week. buy it by the quo
  10. an oz of reg $50
    an 8th of dro $60
    per week
  11. Dude how do you smoke 3/4 times a day but only get through an eighth in a week and a half?

    I smoke that much and get through like a half oz in that time. This is a bad thing by the way, I'm so broke....
  12. Usually an eighth ($35) or a quarter oz ($70) every two or three weeks. I pretty much smoke whenever I want.
  13. Eigth of budder and generally lasts me bout a week
  14. This is true for me
  15. I'm much more of a casual user compared to you all in this thread.

    I don't keep a personal supply (never smoke at home unless with a friend). If I want weed, I just call someone up and when that's gone I won't re-up unless I have other social outings planned. Don't even carry a lighter.

    Haven't smoked since... must have been the 26th of Jan. So about a month. But on average I'd say I have one to two sessions a month. I don't smoke alone anymore but I've definitely been a daily user smoking 3-4 times a day.
  16. Wow. Dare to be different.. I like it
  17. Like an eighth every 2 days.
  18. I smoke once or twice a day. An eighth usually lasts me about a week and a half to two weeks, sometimes longer if I don't smoke every day.
  19. I normally smoke 24/7, minus a day or two break here and there. I've been a lot more of a heavy smoker these past 2 years. So probably £100 a week.. or more. I need to smoke less.

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