how not to get robbed.

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  1. too many time's i've read posts on here about people getting robbed when buying bud, and honestly it's your own dang fault.
    If theres one thing i've learned from reading on this post's is that having someone go into a house with your money to go get herb is bad news.

    So a good way to not get robbed is to actually get out of your car, With the connection guy, hold your money in YOUR own hand and grow a set of balls and go in the house with your connection and watch him scale it and bag it THEN give him the money,

    The reason you goof's are getting robbed can be explained by simple mathematics.

    your money + random guy going into a house to get it from = robbed.

    You and your money WITH the guy going to the house to get weed from + the weed thats actually in the house = a bag of weed for you.

    I dont wanna sound mean but guys, use your brains please. It doesn't matter if he's your bro or if he's "cool" jus go with him next time!!!:smoking:
  2. Nobody i know lets strangers come into a drug dealers house. People get robbed here because they are pussies, straight up. "im not a violent person..." blabla.
    They just need to do something about it when the person robs them.
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  3. Yea both my friends who got ripped off pulled that excuse and never did shit about it even tho they knew who robbed them. I told them not to sell to the black kids at our apartments but they didnt listen and they got ripped off.
  4. Green card :)
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  5. lucky bastard !! :p

    one day :rolleyes::rolleyes::smoke:
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  6. Why would i have someone go in the house for me...What? who the fuck does this? Never even heard of anyone doing it, my friends dont neither do i. this aint a crack deal, high as fuck right now
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  7. Sometimes it aint upto you, when meeting a new connect they dont want some stranger going into their house, and sure u can just not buy the herb, but then you got no herb.
    thats the bad thing bout it being illigal, you got no choice.

    I do agree with your idea of going in with the dude, but yhats more for expensive.purchases, not dubs, eights, ect., no use gettin a dealer mad if u plan ompicking up from
  8. A) If you're buying amounts that large where you have to enter the house and you could potentially be robbed, why aren't you buying from a dealer you know and trust?
    B) If you go inside the guys house, why would he rob you? You know where he fucking lives!

    Just use common sense!
  9. Or the people shouldn't rob them in the first place? It's fucking pot, dude. It's not heroin or crack, where the dealers are addicted as well, and need to rob someone to get the money to get their own stash or re-up. People like you with that outlook are pushing us in the wrong direction for marijuana legalization.
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  10. This is more like "One way to not get robbed" because you can be robbed in many different situations than just this, like at gunpoint, at which point this advice would be useless
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  11. If you continue to rob people your probably going to die at some point.

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Everyone learns this lesson somehow. If some kid says you can't go with to get it, then you might as well hold off until you can see the bag yourself.
  14. haha it has its ups and downs.

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