How not to get caught?

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  1. What are some good resources to read about this?

    I have no interest whatsoever in selling, but I am severely depressed and pot is the only thing that's worked so far, so I want to grow a couple plants for my own personal use. I would be probably be doing it outside in a nearby large public forest. (several thousand acres in size... it has trails, but many areas are pretty much totally untouched and wild)

    Thing is... well, I'm scared lol. I've seen Oz, and I NEVER want to end up there :eek:
  2. If Oz scared you then I'd consider growing Indoors and not bragging about growing.....Rippers are real, sometimes armed...An 8-mile hike plot from you may be a 1/4 mile to a thief, law, etc.

    Just never tell a soul.

  3. Those flying monkeys that scratch and sniff and not to mention that nasty witch! :D

    I feel this is somewhat interesting/related, since you'll be growing on state property:

    Mexican cartels running pot farms in U.S. national forest -

  4. Indoors? I would have thought outdoors would be safer, since it's not directly connected to me in any way...

    And what did you mean by this:

    Rippers are real, sometimes armed...An 8-mile hike plot from you may be a 1/4 mile to a thief, law, etc.

    Didn't really understand what you were trying to say.

    Damn man... the more I think about it, the more I think it might just be worth waiting a couple more years for Cali to legalize it and then moving there.

    It's just so fucking risky man! :(
  5. Indoors is much safer.
    If you never break the cardinal rule, Never tell a soul you grow.

    Top priorities are Security and Safety.
    If you're concerned about the odor, grab a Carbon Filter.
    If don't want to use too much electricity, do a small CFL grow.

    Rippers, are thieves that literally look or stumble upon plants in forest, hidden property, etc...You can get robbed....

    And if you grow on someone else's property that's different....Basically, If I didn't grow at all, I'd shoot a fucker trying to grow on my property, you know? You're putting them at risk.

    Honestly, which it sounds...if you're not serious about growing, then continue buying. Alot of risks, growing is worse than smuggling.
  6. Do yourself a favor, read the great Cortos Grow guide, its stickied literally right above this thread, its full of information, just follow the steps in the guide to a key and you will be fine, once again, Thanks Corto for the excellent guide.
  7. try growing outside near fences with a tarp near it or over the plant that allows light in or something. try a backyard grow that's difficult to see over the fence
  8. i dont really understand the carbon filter thing, would anybody mind explaining and possibly even add a link so i can see what they look like, thanks:smoke:
  9. You only really need a carbon filter for indoor growing, not outdoor, but basically it is super carbonated charcoal, they use it in aquarium filers to clean the water, but it also works to elimanate smells, so to use the filter you create one (instructable videos on youtube) then attach it to your exhaust fan and here will be no marijuana smell outside of your grow box/grow room
  10. No offense, but thats a terrible idea, i don know where you heard/read that, a fence would cut atleast 6 hours of sunlight off of your grow, resulting in a smaller yielding plant
  11. that depends on the orientation of the fence. if you plant on the south side of an east/west fenceline there is no obstruction.

    even if the fence ran north/south and you grew on the east side, you'd get plenty of sunshine for the plant to thrive.

    The one drawback to growing along a fenceline is the possibility that people will walk it...either to inspect it or because it is usually easier to traverse.
  12. I find it Cliche to say Touche seeing that we are talking about fencing, but I didnt factor that into the equation. It because im used to my fence in my yard, its facing north to south. I forgot about fences going east to west. Good Catch OldSkool. My bad for my stupidity
  13. mine runs east-west.

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