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  1. it's not just about CFM, it's more to do with the amount of static pressure it can build. You can have a 400CFM fan that is useless with a filter becaues it doesn't have "the balls"; whereas, another 400 CFM with a stronger suck/pull would work fine.

    Everyone tries to go cheap on ventilation and I think it's a very poor decision. Buy bigger than you need. That way, you don't have to buy again when you grow a bigger grow. Also, ventilation is ESSENTIAL. You can ruin a whole crop in one hot day without proper venting.
  2. I have 4inch 270 cfm fan and a the smallest carbon scrubber ($75) and it's not really enough, I bought a ozone generator and that works pretty good with the carbon scrubber. I have the scrubber on the exhast of my cabinet and the ozone genernerator on top of the cabinet. I still keep Ozium on hand to cover up when people are comming over
  3. theres a lot of quick fixes,,,i dont they will do much for a super smelly strain,,,you may need to get a odor nuetral strain,,,you can put odor eliminating kitty litter in a panyhose and suspend it from your cieling[ numerous of them] put some baking soda lightly in a paper plate,,,and put it above the entire grow,,, on a built shelf if need be,,,[ if your humidity is high, this will also help there to bring it down] some automatic discharging deoderizer that shoots a stream out every 15 min. now if you get 3 of them and sancronize them to where 1 is going off every 5 min........ e.t.c. e.t.c. e.t.c./ do some extensive research its in here,,,,,,,,,
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  5. I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap inline duct fan 35 bucks wat waste just put the tempature down 10 degrees from 107 also for the vortex fan 6 inches how many degrees does it bring down the tempature I hope its more than 20 degrees 107-20=87 :D thats what im lookin for im also getting the reversible pro filter as soon as my buddy pays me back my 300 bucks if he doesnt oh well he wont get to reap my harvest
  6. Fans don't really cool temperatures very much -- in a closed environment of hot air, a fan will just blow hot air around. The way to use fans is to draw in cooler air to mix with and displace the hot air. have to ensure an ample supply of cooler air. Which means there is no way to answer your question about how much a certain fan can drop the temperature, it's too situation-specific.

    107 is a lot to overcome. Is that in an attic? What is the ambient temp surrounding your grow box or room?
  7. so your saying I should put my inline duct fan on the opposite side of my vortext blower and if yes where should I put it it currently I plan on putting my vortex on the top right corner and the inline fan on the bottom left corner and I am growing in a bookcase 6 feetlong 3 feet wide I think but its big enough
  8. well im going to use 2 of these fans through 1 carbon filter and see if it does the job....

    hopefully it will.

    Another question i have is for the leeks and small gaps in the cabinent i build out of wood, can i use cocking to cover them all? or is there something better?

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