How my weed got wasted

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by J-Toke, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Ok, most of you heard of a lightbulb vaporizer? Well, i tried making one, but it crushed in my hand and i cut myself up, so i decided to use a glass jar. i had about 2 grams of shake, put it all in the glass jar, and started to light the bottom. it worked after two hits, but then all of a sudden, the jar popped open and shattered all over my bathroom floor and into the toilet(dont ask about the toilet)...i managed to save about .5, and rolled a j, but my hands were bleeding and i lost my weed!:mad:

  2. Sorry, the visuals in my head over this one really made me laugh... I was thinking that the bleeding hands were from the lightbulb vap and that you couldn't take the time to bandage them up because you wanted to use the glass jar... like you were so obsessed with getting high.

    I'm sorry because I know it's not funny in the long run... that's why I'm not asking about the toilet... afraid I'd be in hysterics...:D
  3. how did the bulb explode, did you squeeze it too hard?
  4. yea how did the bulb explode. and you don't vape nearly that much at one time.... like use a few good pinches of shake at once.
  5. i had also made a lightbuld vaporizer, and after like 3 or 4 times using it the bulb had a HUGE crack where i was lighting it.

    i emptied it then tapped on the crack with my lighter and BAM, a huge hole in the lightbulb.

    idk mayb i have cheap lightbulbs but thats the 2nd time its cracked on me.

    and u dont use 2g's all at once, u should use a tiny tiny amount, like less than a bowl on a glass pipe. <0.3g's
  6. maybe your holding the lighter to close to it, it has to be atleast 2 inches away from it
  7. Wow you are definately lacking some common sence. The whole point of using a lightbulb is so its thin glass...I hope you learn from this mistake:)

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