how my friend got piss in his eyes

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  1. i was at my friends house with one other kid, and only two of us smoked because one had to take a drug test. well after we were done, the other kid i smoked with wanted eye drops so he ran to my friends room. well he came back outside complaining that the eye drops felt funny. were like wtf how can they feel funny. well we go upstairs and my friend just starts laughing. he put some piss in a visine so he could cheat on his drug test, and my friend managed to put it in both his eyes without even noticing.
  2. R
  3. lmao, what is with ppl pissing in bottles.
  4. ^ seriously, go to the fucking bathroom you lazy asses :eek:

    and im gonna have to call bullshit on this, no way is a visine bottle gonna hold even CLOSE to enough piss to fill a d-t cup :rolleyes:

    you'd have to be a complete moron to try and do that
  5. Pffft. Not if you bring 5 of them. :smoking:
  6. Nah, a lot of people do it...its just to dilute your own urine sometimes. AimedforDeath made a guide about this in general actually.
  7. Ohhhhh makes more sense.

    I was like WTF :poke:
  8. lmfao. +rep for that, thats fucking hilarious.
  9. cool story, bro

    pretty funny.
  10. Did it clear his red eyes? :D
    And I can't image in that being good for his eyes. lol
  11. to be honest i dont even remember. he did go to the bathroom and run water over his eyes tho. i just laughed my ass off for a while.
  12. 5 hour energy shot bottles work great for piss for DT's.

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