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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by out2getme, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. These are at 15 weeks, with only flouro bulbs (6 200 watt)
    how do they look? all female, budding for 6 weeks, i think i'm on the right track. also, i want to go down to only 1 or 2 plants, can i make hash out of an immature plant?

    more pics further down

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  2. more pics

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  3. more pics

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  4. more pics

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  5. looking good! floros only in flowering? not bad! dont know much about processing hash so sorry cant help you there!
  6. I'm not sure about hash, but with nice looking plants like that, why would you want to. I'd say be patient and get more bud. Cause that's what everyone needs a little more of these days.

  7. So let me get that right... You used only flouro lamps???

    Can a plant grow normally with only this kind of lamp and if so why by a HPS Lamp???
  8. i must say, youve done a beautiful job of flowering with flouros, i cant even get popcorn buds aoutta those damn things.

    very very good job:)
  9. the flouro bulbs cost $10 each at walmart, the light fixture is $6 from wall mart. they are hard to build reflectors for, and are insanely delicate, but they work magic. they're using only 45 watts each, but have a power output of 200 watts with 2700 lumens a piece, and a 10,000 hour guarantee. When they run out, i just return them to walmart and get free new ones.

    The only reason i want to get rid of 2 plants is they are getting so big i want to concentrate my lights on one rather than spread them out. Also my house smells like a hash house.
  10. like woody said that is the advantage of HPS......but they look good for fluros, if i were you, i'd keep the plants you have......put one bulb above each plant, and lower 2 of the bulbs right into the middle of the 4 plants and rotate the pots on a daily basis, it will help to increase your yield from the lower bud sites which will struggle to get the light they need as the tops are going to start filling out a this your first grow?..........Peace out........Sid
  11. good idea ^^^

    and respect the woody
  12. a 150 hps put out 15,000 lumes for 150 watts you have 45 watts x 6 bulbs = 270 watts draw and 16,200 lumes hid lighting would be a big step up but keep the floros if you plan on cloning they kick ass on cloning or real small set ups looking at what you have there i'm using a closet with about the same size and i run a 400 mh with an agrosun bulb and at 8 week old 4 weeks veg and 4 weeks flowering mine look the same size but have buds all over them not trying to make you look bad just to let you know hid lighting would help out alot if you use all 6 lights thats 270watts draw and 16,200 lumes output verses a 250 hps draws around 280watts and 24,000 lumes the more light light the better you are good luck
  13. If you want to get rid of the "hash house" smell get an ozone generator.
  14. I'm on;y using the flouro's cause their cheap.
    I'm working on getting a 400 w hps off ebay, but for my first grow, i'm pretty impressed w/ myself.
    The best info i've recieved came from woody, as soon as i get hps situated, i'll post new pics.

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