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How much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bungtothehol, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Im throwing a huge party Saturday and afterwards me and about 10-15 friends are going smoke. How much do you think I need to get everyone a good high. There all relatively new smoker exept for me and a friend.
  2. Have a 10 person stoner circle on 1 blunt. Good Luck, thats not too many heads or anything lol. But i suppose go cop a quarter for the party
  3. 15 o_O get a half zip
  4. If i was you id buy around a q and smoke a joint between you and your experienced friend and let the rest of them pass one round, new smokers are usually baked after a couple of puffs.
  5. if they're mostly new smokers and it's one night, get a quarter. you'll want more later the next day though, so buy a half ounce.
  6. 1 ounce

    seriuosly its a party, you guys don't toke enough:smoking:
  7. just get a half oz of reg.
    keep bout 7 for you.
    past 7 around for the group and you still hit those also, of course.
    get baked good lmao.

    (assuming 14 1g blunts)
  8. Sup with everyone saying getting a quarter then telling OP to roll two joints? HOW FAT DO YOU GUYS ROLL!?!?

    >roll 5 joints
    >tell everyone they must smoke in the closet
    >everyone crams in
    >light all 5 at once
    >high as fuck
  9. ^ that would just be obnoxious. I would say after a couple of minutes 4 people boxing the cab or my truck or other cars just sticky and I prefer not to be apart of that. Also it is summer, enjoy the climate and stars. But if they enjoy it, who the hell am I to take that away I guess :X
  10. Half an ounce should be the perfect amount for that

  11. this. zips all dayy! :smoking:
  12. 1 ounce for sure.

    if you got some extra then keep it.

    better to have extra than be short..

    then your loaded asses dont gotta deal with drivin and pickin up more.
  13. IMO I wouldn't smoke joints or blunts with them, most people do not get high the first time or at all if they dont smoke a lot. I had this problem when I started, I could get high off of glass but if I smoked a blunt I would barely get high. Now I can get stoned off of anything but inexperienced smokers have better luck with glass. As for the amount you probably only need a couple grams.
  14. Then everyone in the closet can also enjoy lack of oxygen and bad breath with there high.
  15. Why do you think hotboxing "gets you higher?"

  16. Why the hell are you the only one buying? That is a shitty situation for you. You are throwing a party and you are the only one buying? That sounds really stupid. Tell everyone to buy like 2 grams each or an 8th each or something and everyone shpuld be all set. That what I have done in the past.
  17. step 1: buy a quarter of goods and a quarter of regs

    step 2: u and experienced toker take goods, rest goes to other fellows

    steo 3: roll up

    step 4: everybody is realllllyy blazed.

    P.S. If u want to smoke it all in one night then split an eigth betweeen u nd ur friend. however, if ur throwing a party with alchohol then def get the quarter cause nothing fixes a hangover like a nice juicy blunt of dank :D
  18. Thanks guys. Party was last night and everyone was absolutely blasted off there asses
  19. Not that "whole Oz bro!" bullshit answers...

    Like you said relatively new to say 3-4 Blunts (about 1.5 g each) You'll all be pretty toasty.

    You could do two rounds of a double circle, where two blunts are lit and one travels counter clock and the other clockwise.

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