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Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. How much would you pay for a Recliner that doubles as a toilet and has a minifridge stocked full of munchies. It's heated of coarse and has a built-in massager. Comes equipped also with a Universal remote that controls everything from T.V. to Stereo.. How much would you pay?
  2. in a's "priceless" that's the ultimate stoner long as it has a slide out tray for rolling and storage in the side for the bongs, oh and a built in lighter......Peace out....Sid
  3. upwards of 1000. that would be sweet never have to get up again
  4. Shit... I'd exchange my younger bro as slave labor and throw in a few home-made pies. Will you make me one?
  5. The Bong Storage is in the mini-fridge, next to the freshwater dispenser. duh. :smoke: :)
  6. oh i that close to the wheels .....and the steering wheel....what size of engine do you think they could fit in there......Peace out....Sid
  7. for space concerns, might have to go with a rice burner :)

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