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how much???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by growlifegardener, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. what is a good price for a qp of reggie in MD

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    A quarter pound I'd say if it's like somewhere between 250-300 an ounce so like $1000-$1200. It can definitely vary though. I guess if its reggae its probably cheaper.

  3. East tennessee a qp of reg is like 325 for me.
  4. thanks wish there were more responses but last time I got one they were 400 as 100 an oz but am sure I can get like 350
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    Id say its all in your connect then but 400 imo isn't great but it isn't terrible.

    But yea if i were you id shoot for 350/325
  6. Htx qp of reg $110 fire ass reggie miller

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  7. With regs/mids you will honestly get qp's anywhere from $100/QP-$500/QP
    Completely depends on your connect and area. 
    A QP from my guy is $320 and it's some decent stuff, but that was a few years ago. He still sells regs but I just buy dank now so IDK about prices now.
    Man if you think a QP of some reggo costs that much xD god damn.
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    While I'm not sure on wholesale prices, my dealer gets it for 300/OZ and sells grams for 20, 8ths for 60. 15/g 50/8th for me though. 
    Used to get it for around 240/OZ but ever since CO legalized it prices have spiked a lot.... Fuckin CO....
    We're talking about reggie, not loud lmao. And shouldn't the prices have gone down to keep up with the dispensary prices? idk
  11. 275 in md for me
  12. 375 Md for me
  13. $175 a QP here for regs...

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