How Much?

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  1. that is a complex answer....

    first and im sure your only real question is harvest weight... no one can answer that for sure... but the general rule is half a gram per watt per month of of flower... so since that unit appears to only use a 200 watt cfl you can pretty much figure 200 grams with a two month flower... but cfl's lack penetration maybe less...

    my second concern is the CFL spectrum... you need two spectrums for growing, one for flower(red or soft white) and one for veg(blue or daylight) and it only appears there is one bulb... so is that for veg or flower? didn't really read the whole thing.. but unless you get two bulbs add the extra 100 bucks for the second bulb

    having all those plants in that little tub will require a tremndious amount of work filling and checking every day.... something with that many plants should have a larger res... but thats just me

    what exactly kind of a yield were you looking for? and why cant you build your own... there's only maybe 300 bucks in parts there... so there is a small markup
  2. autoflowers have limits since most finish in 55-75 days so it really depends on ur grow skills

    supercloset is a great company and have high quality products

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