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How much YOU pay for weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Teales, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. I live over in Kalgoorlie, Australia. Here we really only have 3 measurements for our weed, 25 bag (or a stick), a 50 bag, and the dealers mainly buy ounce bags. A 25 bag usually has roughly .5 to .9 grams in it and costs $25 Australian dollars (U.S. $22.70) and a 50 has around 1.4 to 1.8 grams and costs 50 dollars. How much does weed cost where you live and how many grams are in your bags.
  2. Well, I'm not too close to ya, but I pay $200/14gm or $370/28gm in us dollars
  3. shit man 1.8g is 50 dollars? fuck that!
  4. fuck dude, you are getting taken. $100 an 8th no thank you, i would look into growing if i were you, or find a different hobby.
    good mids- $20 an 8th
    dank- $40-$50 an 8th
    these are pretty standard prices, look for someone who can match this.
  5. A dub is like 1.5 here.

    an oz is like 130-150
  6. Damn... $100 for 1.5g or something like that? No thank you.

    Our prices (for chronic only) - one gram is $20, half an 8th is $30 an 8th is $60 unless you're close with your dealer the it'd be $50. A quarter is $120, a half an O is $220 and an O is $400. I don't buy anything except half ounces. Seems standard for us here to be honest.
  7. i usually buy a gram at a time. i get mids for 10 dollars a gram. half an oz is 60-70 bucks. (i buy crappy stuff)
  8. P1010011.jpg

    Just grow your own and never buy weed again
  9. same here just mids right now 10 for 1.5grams 20 for 3.0grams
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    5 a gram for ok mids
    10 a gram for some no name nuggs
    15 to 20 a gram for real strain weed
    40 for 5 grams of no name bud
    50 for 3.5 grams of strain
    60 for 3.5 grams for OG Kush or white rhino

    275 to 350 for an O of dank

    You do know that you can grow two plants and the fine is only $150. I would do that before i paid those prices.
  11. With a hundred dollars I could get:

    28 grams of decent mids. (Straight blunt weed, not many seeds. Or 5$ for a single gram)
    14 grams of kb (Indoors, outdoors, Beasters, etc. 10g)
    7 grams of headies (anything from dank no-names to Super Skunk. 20g)

  12. i like the way you laid that out. those are pretty standard us prices
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  14. $220-280 an oz (street/dealers)
    $195 an oz (mail-order)
  15. 10 a gram for strawberry caugh or thunderfuck
  16. $40 for 3-3.5 g's over here..
    bout 300 oz for the dankity.
  17. $30 dollar quarter of strains romulan last I had if I pay anything
  18. Yeah, it's the easiest way to look at it. Give or take 10-20 bucks that's about what everyone pays that I've ever spoken to.
  19. around here you pay usually 25 a G for dankity dank. then there's the mids which run 30 a qt and 55 a half.
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    Ya'll gettin ripped off 160 half zones = 11-12ish a gram 280 zones chrons = 10 a g for chrons, 200 qps of middies = Less than 2 dollars a gram for mids = bankin

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