how much yield?

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    i know this can not be answered exactly but looking for more of a gess. its my first grow and was wondering how much bud i should be getting or about how much. you can check my journal for more details but il give you the quik run down. its a oaksterdam sativa. 13 inches. in a 5 gallon bucket. soil. all organic bone/blood meal. fish/molasses water every sunday. been veg for 3 or 4 weeks cant rember when i got it. just started flower today. under 4 t5 14w bulbs (2 6500k/2 3000k/1350 lumes each) and 3 cfls 100w soft white(2700k/1600 lumes each) 10600 lumes together. i know this cant be answered to exact. just a rough gess. if everything goes good. no problems.
  2. Well i checked the pics in your journal, and my guess is between 1-2 Oz max. I could be wrong because there's so many variables to consider. Ive grown plants a lot bushier than than yours that have only yielded like 1.5 oz, but you have more wattage than I did back then.

    Good Luck


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