How much yield?

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  1. How much yield could I expect out of my plants if all goes to plan?

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  2. There are a lot of factors involved. It is really hard to say this early in the stage of your plants. They look healthy.
  3. Hopefully enough so you don't smoke it all :smoke:
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  4. Your plants are too young to tell. It will be a while before you can guess yield.
  5. At what point can you start to guess?

    Do you guys think I'll have any issues with the smaller less mature plants? They are outdoors and I'll have to harvest around mid October.
  6. Im on my first grow as well. Highly suggest jorge cervantes book the cannabis encyclopedia. Goes over everything you need to know woth TONS of great pictures.

    I posted early in this thread related to this topic sort of...

    Should I start flowering now or should I wait?

    Check out the vid in my post on that thread.
  7. Thanks Smokey, I'll check that out.
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  8. Once the plant gets in the flowering stage its easier to guess. Between now and flower stage anything can happen.
  9. Oh No..another "Guess my yield thread"..LOL
    No Offense OP, but we have been deluged with this exact same question..
  10. I've seen the other threads......

    What I don't get is why you would waste your time to send me that comment.

    This is a new endeavor for me and to be honest I don't really know what I'm doing. Was looking for some input as I'm not even 100% my plants will make it to harvest.
  11. Again sorry..
    Your plants look very healthy so why would you not think you would not make it to harvest? If you do a bit of study ( is my bible), read here about growing, and listen the really good growers here, you will be on the road success..
    Enjoy your grow and UPCOMING HARVEST! :thumbsup:
  12. No worries.

    The guy at the hydro shop told me multiple times to not waste my time growing outdoors as I had to start late. Claimed that they wouldn't be mature enough and that the sativa would be killed off by frost.
  13. Maybe so, but those Fabric pots (NICE ONES TOO) with handles will make things easier if you need to bring them indoors..Hope you have lighting for them and maybe a tent or other enclosure if needed??
  14. Guessing yeild is impossible, way to many variables. Anyone putting a number on it is just pulling the number out of their ass
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  15. Been doing this for 20 years, professionally now for 5. I can predict yields very well, without pulling anything from my ass..........

    If you kill the rest of the season, and the plants don't get any set backs, I predict the best yields possible will be 12 ounces total. However, being a newbie, and most likely you will miss a thing or two which will effect yields, I am guessing you will pull 6 smoke-able ounces.

    As for the hydro guy saying you put them out too late..... He has a point. Not too late, but not ideal. Most outdoor plants in Cali start to flower mid July to August 1st. So depending on when those ladies went out, you are that far behind normal flowering. I have done this on purpose in the past to give my plants more veg time before flip. It worked very well, however the sativa's were a challenge harvesting in Dec.

    Hope that answered your questions.
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  16. 30 years here...LOL. Still not a "pro".......but I agree with Bulldog11 on his guess.

    And screw that "it won't finish" comment. The plant is in a fabric/movable container. You can always bring it inside.
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  17. Hahaha you predict yeilds like wethermen predict tomorrow...
  18. Thanks....... I guess.
  19. Thanks for the advice guys.

    I'd be really happy if I got 6 total. That's all I need.

    I unfortunately can't bring it inside unless I wanted to risk getting evicted.
  20. It wasn't a compliment. Anyone make make a guess. It doesn't mean much though. There's no way you can tell what he'll yeild. You don't even know if it's a high yielding strain, how long it will be vegged, and a ton of other variables ....nothing.....there's no way to guess except doing what you did and pull a number out and hope it sticks

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