How much yield can i expect??

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  1. It is possible to get 5.5 pounds from this? 20170814_110526.jpg 20170824_160031.jpg 20170824_160019.jpg
  2. How many plants total

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  3. I think is 16 plants (blueberry,durban poison,frisian dew and blackjack)
  4. I see on some seed banks where they tell the yield on plants. I think the best to calculate your yield would be to look on these sites at each strain you have and most will say yield, indoor/ outdoor. They measure in grams so take out your phone and use the unit converter to convert grams to pounds. Then you got an estimated idea anyway. I may be wrong , I am a new grower after all, if I am someone will correct me or call me an idiot lol, either way , thats what I would try.
  5. Some where around 3 if you can get 2 ounces per plant

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