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How much would you pay...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cheehwawa, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. #1 Cheehwawa, Aug 30, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2008
    ...for this (one baggie)? I just emptied one of the baggies out and broke it up a little on the left, its still packed in one on the right.

    Its a little lighter than in the picture in real life. It looks a little brown but this isnt schwag - you can see a little bit of a sparkle when its put under a light, it has a very pungent piney smell. What kind of weed would this be? Mids? High Mids? Beasters? Something else...?

  2. the way it looks like 5 bucks but this one time we have this stuff that looked like complete shit but it was fucking amazing, so i mean smoke it yourself.
  3. #3 Cheehwawa, Aug 30, 2008
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    Damnit dude I got ripped off, I really need to find a good dealer (I didnt really start buying weed from people until now, always just threw down money with some friends before).
  4. shwag-low mids. Idk what i'd pay ever smoked brown stuff.
  5. #5 buddhabro3, Aug 30, 2008
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    from that picture it looks like some middies.... Thats about 10 a gram in my area, but there are definitly better deals just gotta know the right ppl.
  6. i hate to ask, but how much did you pay? i would pay 5 bucks. mayb ten if i sampled it and it was a lot better than it looked.
  7. I paid 20, I did something stupid. Gave my money to a middle man and he got it from a friend for me, he said his friend had fire. Guess his "friend" was lying to him and I got fucked.

    Smoking the stuff isnt half bad though, I got a good buzz off a few hits from my pipe last night. Not what I payed for though =/
  8. Id pay like five bucks...

    looks like low mids or even shwag...Theres only 1 way to tell though...smoke up.
  9. free or tell them to keep it haha. jus need one of these

  10. are you a shit in everyones cut, or just his?
  11. It looks like a gram, if its $20 a gram where you live then thats what you get. Just keep tokin to you hear a good connection around that you, can score from peace. If your in Canada then its $10 a gram dank or mids,
  12. I'd take that as a large 5 nug - a skimpy dime bag. You definitely need to learn a size to look for when trying to get a dub. Around here a dub is about an index finger in fatness and half a ziplock bag across, which can actually end up being a little less. What you have right now is about...a third of what you should have gotten.
  13. i would never smoke that, looks like ditch weed
  14. You meant how much would I have to be payed to smoke that, right?
  15. it looks brown but it doesnt look like schwag, in the bag it kinda looks fluffy like chronic, if its schwag then MAYBE 5 bucks each, if its chronic then 20 bucks for the two
  16. Looks fuckin' Bricked to me. $5 at max Summa dat Bobby Brown
  17. Haha usually people use those little baggies for tabs of acid or x. It's funny to see weed in one.
  18. You paid 20 $ for @pproximately 10$ worth of weed(bag value).

    You said you smoked it and it was not up to your standards, just by looking at it, it looks like some poor excuse for marijuana.

    Listen to your gut next-time, sounds like you knew this would end poorly and you did it anyways to score some bud. Not saying I've never done this, but there are things you do and don't do...this is one of those things you shouldn't do :) Handing off your money is bad news.:smoke::hippie:
  19. I think the baggies are worth more than their contents.
  20. I've never seen weed that is so brown.

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