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How much would you pay?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Cornjob, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. I just recently cleaned for a guy I know, and I can choose to split the profit any way between weed and money. After working for 5 hours on a relatively small grow for what he usually has, I ended up with 18 grams. I only made 90$ if I took all cash.

    Here is a close up of one nug.

    This is kinda blurry, but I just put it all on my desk

    So again my question is how much would you guys have paid for it? Oh and what do you think as well?
  2. Choosng between 18 grams and 90 bucks seems like you made the right choice to me
    He always hooks me up a little fatter than the usual fatter when I clean haha. So yeah, weed is always the choice.  :bongin:
  4. yea def made the right decision . where im at 18 gs of that quality of smoke right there is prob 160-170
  5. You got a good deal, enjoy!
  6. Looks good to me. 
    During the Summer/Fall I'd spend a good 50+ on that. 
    During the Winter (now) if I had the money I would spend 80-90. 
    But all in all, looks good! Enjoy!  :bongin:
  7. id pay over 100 if I had it good deal
  8. Damn looks to me like you made the right decision.  Some fire.
  9. Could of been trimmed a little better but defiantly better than $90

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  10. Niice made the right choice. Blaze that shit homie. :smoke:
  11. A better trim? If it had a better trim you'd just be losing weed and the stem to weed weight ratio would go up

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    Yeah we trimmed as much as we could haha, not like its hanging off the bud like some you might see
  13. If they trimmed any more, they would be trimming off the shit that get's you high. What's the point in that? Just a waste...
  14. Exactly, then he's getting more stems because they are taking the good stuff off, the trim job was well done

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  15. No no your trim is fine, the other guy was saying to trim it more I think

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  16. Please please please can I work 5 hours for 18g?!?!?! 
    I'll sell my soul to the devil for such compensation!!!
  17. The nugs are covered in tiny sugar leaf's. You can't even see actual nug with all the leaf's covering it and you are telling me the trim job is fine. I trim all leaf off my nug so I guess that is incorrect

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  18. Thats a nice bag for a day of work!
  19. #19 theshadowshower, Feb 10, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 10, 2014
    I'll tell you what... You send me all your leaves with trichomes on them

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  20. Why would I waste precious trim

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