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  1. ... for heady spoons? I'm probably putting down $50 on one, just because it looks awesome, but I realize it does the same thing as a $10 spoon; unlike water pieces, where a higher price can improve performance.
  2. Does high quality glass only exist on bongs these days?
    Spoons can have a higher quality craftsmanship which in turn allows for a smoother and larger hit, and by craftsmanship I not only am talking about the way it was made but the glass itself. 
  3. I've had a high quality glass bong before but me and my buddies were smoking to candle light cause the power had gone out and i just moved my foot a bit and the chair that the bong was sitting on fell and i smashed a 300 bong just like that, never again!!!
    As for everything else i mean i guess it would depend on the glass blower!? I have zero information in that regard
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    @[member="Xtravagent"] You make a good point. But to me, in my experience, all spoons hit the same, with minor differences (size, carb placement, comfortability, etc.) I'd say the final one is the biggest part. If it doesn't feel good in my hand, I don't want it.
  5. i mean im planning on spending 150-200 on a sherlock later this year, if not a spoon.
    you can pay whatever you want to pay, youre obviously only paying for the style though as all function completely the same. 
    definitely some sweet honeycombs in the 50 dollar range
  6. Do not pay $50 for a spoon. Look on the shop here and also check out for pieces, that site actually tends to have some sick stuff that's made well. I wouldn't throw down $50 for even an amazingly well made spoon. 
  7. I just recently bought a spoon off Etsy for $60, but it's custom US-blown glass from Kentucky. I wouldn't pay any more than $25 for most of the mass-produced glass imported from China.
    Etsy is definitely the place to go if you're looking for a heady spoon though. Mine's from a seller named IllustratedSquare who does awesome work with honeycombs and has pretty good switchbacks as well, with very fair prices. I have two XL spoons from him and I have no doubt in my mind they're going to last me a very long time. Thick boro, no visible flaws. He's a great artist and Etsy's definitely the place to start, you can find some amazing pieces there.
  8. Yeah, I'm buying from him, actually! His wigwags are dope as fuck.

    See, as much as I've loved my cheap spoons in the past, they're so... dainty. I like my glass to be, like... BAM. BANG.

    That said, no way in hell I'd take a heady piece to a group sesh. Dainty spoons do the same job and I'll be damned before someone breaks my pipes.
  9. Depends on the blower, I have no problem paying 50+ for locally blown glass. I also own a PHX double honeycomb though so i dont use spoons much anymore :)
  10. Yeah, wanna share that PHX? Thing looks wicked, man.

    I'm kinda the same way. I'll order to support glassblowers but paying for often mass produced glass isn't as cool.

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