How Much Would You Pay? [ROOR Bong]

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  1. This bong collection just popped up on Craigslist near me. I've been thinking about buying a bong for a while, and want to buy some quality glass if I'm going to get something.

    Here are the pics of everything - how much would you pay?




  2. That roor is a fake. I would pay $100 tops if I had no other glass.

  3. You all are too good at this -_-

    I spent a while looking at the pictures and comparing it to the ROOR Real or Fake thread's pictures. I couldn't figure it out at all.

    What gives it away as a fake?
  4. No splashguard homie.

    That Alex k downstem probably costs as much as the tube itself.

  5. Aha! So simple, yet so easily missed.

    Thank you for your assistance :D
  6. There's no splashguard on that thing. Watch out man.

    edit: dammit. Beat me to it!
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    Another question about fakes. How come the ROOR's on GC's shop are so darned expensive? For instance, this one on iOffer is only $155:


    It's 18", 5mm thick.

    I've once again compared that to the pictures in the Fake ROOR's thread, and can't find anything glaringly obvious saying it's a fake. Do you think the one on iOffer is real?

    I'm hopeless :p
  8. The base on that one looks kinda janky imo, and at that price I doubt it's real.

    If you're just looking for a straight tube, you might as well not waste your time trying to get a real roor unless you really love the name or something. You can get tubes made by a custom blower in the US for way less than a roor tube, google soul shine family glass.
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    And i thought the trademark logo had to be on he bottom right? its on the top right?

    Edit: never mind, i got my geographical bong logo areas mixed up.
  10. Just get yourself an EHLE man. Good tubes for a good price.
  11. If you want a dope American tube for 150, check out Manifest Glass Works. They have a 15" 7mm for like 150; it's ridiculous
  12. A lot of people diss and hate on RooR... Their diffusion methods are pretty outdated, but regardless, they make great tubes. If I was in the market for a good simple straight tube/beaker, I would definitely lean towards a RooR. You can however get a tube with more diffusion for the same price that you would spend on a RooR. But RooRs are classic IMO. :bongin: I would recommend EDIT if you want a GOOD priced guaranteed real RooR. ;)

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