how much would you pay for.....

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by LaVa, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. heh

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  2. nice n good crystals and all n hairs

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  3. in the white contianer its all just leaves but GOOD leaves!! packed full

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  4. sorry i cant zoom in.. digi cam wont go that far

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  5. damn i dont rember posting thos.e....
  6. nice herb.......did you grow them yourself.

    I would pay $400..........with you white contaner
  7. nah the white container is just leaves... i didnt grow it but i know who did..
    again white is just a whole bunch of leaves they are pretty damn good tho
  8. about $30-$35 were i am at and thats my hook ups!shit man i have to go see were your from? i dont want to ever get stuck
  9. For that I would pay about $10...maybe more. I would have to smell and see it in person though. It looks pretty good.
  10. well whuts it weight. i don't think i'd pay over $15 for that.
  11. that amount of weed one dollar
  12. Here's what $40 USD got me last night.

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  13. Poke What movie is that.

    you should see half baked when your baked.
  14. vot. is that commerical?? it looks like commercail if you payed 40$ for that amoutn of brick.... lol
  15. I don't know what's going on but I wish I still had some of that shit left!:smoke:

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