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Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by canadiankush19, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Comparing nonfunctional art by one of the greatest painters in the 1800's to a functional waterpipe by sgw is hilarious. Was your point really that van goghs have gone up in value? Since the 1800s 99% of things have appreciated! If you had compared it to a classic car that would have been a better choice.

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  2. Go troll elsewhere
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    Since when does glass decrease in quality over time? Just because it is used, does not mean its gonna preform any different then a new piece. Unless the prior own had problems handling their glass... Besides that if it is used it doesn't automatically mean its 75% OFF THE REGULAR PRICE... 
    When you guys say a quality piece of glass is worth 50 dollars or 75 when its regular price is in the 4-500s is pretty ludicrous if you ask me. To the glass blower, and the owner. 
  4. If you think that 99% of things have appreciated since 1800, you're crazy.  Take inflation into account Mr. Buffet, but thanks for the lesson on economics.  Also take into account that what you're saying is impossible since 99% of the goods produced in 1800 would not still be in existence.  What's the current value of a completely dilapidated decomposed table....0.  Average all those 0's in and most things from that time has depreciated into 0 dollar worth.
    Last word to the troll and I'm done with this post.  People can read and decide who knows what they're talking about and who's talking out their exit hole.
  5. If it had no cosmetic blemishes to speak of, I would pay $350-400 for that. This thread is hilarious.
    "Lol that's worth like $20."
    "Actually, it could easily go for $450 new."
    "...Yeah, well buying expensive glass is for dummies anyway! You should spend your money like I do! Dummy!"

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