How much would you pay for this mike fro bub?

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    How much do you think this bubbler with over 19 different worked sections by mike fro is worth?
  2. Does it still appear and function like new? If so 400. Does it have a few defects? 300.
  3. I'd drop 200 on it, no more.
  4. he got ripped, sorry to say.
  5. 200 at most. If anything over 200 I would just get a bong. But nice piece none the less. :smoke:
  6. $225 and then I'd cut it. I'd rather drop more money on something bigger. $500 is way too much man.
  7. I never spend more than a 100 on pieces.
  8. id pay 250-300
  9. 300$... idk i think about there... maybe cuz its mike fro... 350 400
  10. I think a lot of these people don't understand the value of a mike fro piece.
  11. Used- $200-$300

    New- $250-$350

    I paid $230 for my Fro bubbler.
  12. I would rather \t\t\t \t \t \t \t \t:WS Series Messias Illusion Ice 5mm - Double Tree Perc. But it is some very nice glass.
  13. I'd go $230 tops for that, $300 tops for a well made unique piece.

  14. What?????

    And for the fro

    new- $350
  15. a mike fro pipe is something I would like to add to my collection one day..

    but..i would guess 300

    also, im in the crowd that would not want to spend that kind of money on a pipe, if im up above 100 im just gonna get a bong

    but..once i get that nice bong ive been droolin over (finally got a job and savin the pennies) ill probably save up for something real awesome like that.

    i have a decent version of a few different smoking devices..i got a good spoon, a nice bubbler, an okay bong, and a chillum...none of them cost me more than 25 bucks besides the bong i got for 50

    but now that i got my collection started with a little of everything (nothin very nice) im gonna start saving up for real nice additions to my collection from now on...ready to get some real quality glass like that fro bub

    sick lookin piece
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    Anything over $300 is too much. And $300 is just right.

    Maybe $350, but I wouldn't walk out of the place with a smile on my face - OK I would just cause it's a sweet bubbler, but I wouldn't be happy about the price.
  17. Since I'm not a bubbler fan, I wouldn't drop more than 200 dollars. It is nice though, very detailed art in there.
  18. The price range of 250-300 seems fitting, its very nice.
  19. Thats a sick bub dude u should definitely pick that up. I'd pay 250-275 for it.
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    very nice Fro man, i would probly pay about 200-350$ on it but if theres any flaws then i would pay alittle bit less, Ether way thats a sick fro bubbler man, im actualy going to be ordering some frotinis and some other slides in a few days.

    Ohh and the majority of the people on this site dont understand paying an arm and a leg for something custom/and quality glass.
    Your not gona get many fro fans on this site because alot of people on here dont understand the difference between a fro, and a kenaroo, they just dont appreciate quality glass.
    They would rather have a chinese prodo peice just because it cost less.

    But there are the few people on here who do appreciate glass, and im not talking to those people, but ether way man, I wish i had that fro,+rep

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