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How Much Would You Pay For This Bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. How much would you pay for this bong? If you could, please explain why you think the price is fair and blah blah and features if you don't mind helping a noob out

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  2. Was there once a tree perc in there? If so, that sir is a broken bong. Would still function, but it's missing a perc.
    If not, what's with the tube coming up under the ice pinch?
  3. Kid said he would sell it for 50. And said that it isn't a broken perc
  4. I can see its broke..maybe 30 bucks
  5. Wats it mean if the perc is messed up?
  6. 30.00 for this? If you can get him to that low, it is a steal..Or to me at-least, I am not a glass enthusiast by any stretch of the word, hell I couldn't even tell you the different parts of a bong, BUT...this glass would easily go for 60-100, or at-least in my state(VA). 
    Broke or not, it still has characteristics that would make a HS sell unbroken for $150+, bucks but then again..demographics can change the price of a item very easily and I am sure this glass would be considered low end to any good glass owner.
    If it rips, and its smooth, I would most definitely pay 50-60 for that thing, hands down.  But who am I? :confused_2:  These glass enthusiasts will tell you all about what they would pay.  :bongin:
  7. Dude it looks broke but probally can still be used.  Tell him you'll throw him 20$ and be done with it
  8. It just means that a part of the filtering system to help it more smooth is broken, it will still work like brand new...Just will be a little more "harsh".
  9. #10 2313, Jun 7, 2013
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  10. I wouldnt even pay 30 actually I would get an apix stemline for 150
    Well if he said it, it must be true!!! Lol.. Seriously man, just trying to look out for you.
    What is his explanation for that little tube and it's uneven broken looking-ness? Because it's not a functioning perc of any sort, nor is it to stop ice. That's what the pinches are for.
    I'd not purchase that thing.
  12. Yeah that's a ripoff, man. 
    This bong is $50 and pretty similar except that it's brand new and not broken. :poke: 
  13. 20 bucks, simple easy, one bill, round number, call it a day.
    Used bongs are only really valuable if they are from very legitimate companies and it's history is well known. This looks to be an off brand with a broken perc, so yeah, ask him if he would take 20 bucks, if not, you should pass on it. 
  14. I don't really care how harsh it is haha. The kid admitted the perc was broken so he let me try it out ahaha. I got like 3 free fats rips, I paid 30 for it cuz the thing still hit hard. It's name is Poseidon
  15. The kid is an asshole for lying to you
  16. Read the post above you... Looks like you got a steal, perc or not 30$ is cheap for that glass.
  17. Yea I figured it had the ice catcher too and still ripped hard. My old bong had no perc, no ice catcher, no fucking any fancy pieces. So I'm sure this wont feel too harsh
  18. 30$ cause it's broken
  19. See, at least you got him to fess up, and reduce price. GC is your friend.

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