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How much would you pay for one bag of this bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TazzLAzz, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I just got a few bags of this. Had to pay for each one seperately though. The bud is dank. Orange hairs. Trichomes. You can't really see in the pics because i am using a webcam. Pics are more for size evaluation.

    Anyway so how much would you pay for one bag. Also smell isn't strong. But it is there. Definetly dank.
  2. lol u srs?
  3. Yo don't start with the bs seriously. Idc if you only buy ten pounds at a time. Or how great your deals are. Just answer if you bought that off a guy on the street how much would you wanna pay. Wanna know if i paid a good price. But you can just say what you would pay in your demographic.
  4. cmon atleast take it out of the bag...
  5. Each packet looks like a gram or over say around 10-20$ depending on quality, who knows with those pics.

    Lol your from Uk looks like £10.
  6. From the pics... $5/g
  7. :confused:

    Dont throw a hissy fit bro. This place isn't for children.

    Now, if you would actually take a picture where we could actually see something and not just a big fuzzy green ball, that would be great :)

  8. My fault wasn't even thinking about that.

    Heres another pic:

    Photo 158 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The cam makes the bud look really dull and bad. But its really hairy and trichomey. With a citrusy sent.

  9. Saying the kind of posts i want in my thread is a hissy fit? Never knew.

    And like i already said the pictures were for size comparison. Said it like three times now.
  10. So for all in the picture? Maybe $10
  11. Yea... thats right.

    The webcam pictures are shit, retake them or something. Empty the bud out on a piece of paper or something, all of it. You're really leaving it in the bags and want us to tell you how much it weighs? Maybe you should stop smoking. Could be an eighth, but really I cant tell at all. Go buy a scale.
  12. That camera makes it look like some dirt haha I wouldn't pay jack for it.
  13. If you're questioning it, it probably wasn't worth it. It's all in the eye of the beholder and the number on the scale. I don't know the denseness but that doesn't seem much over 1.5 if you compare it to the penny next to it.
  14. Looks like dirt weed but I don't really know, the picture quality is horrible.
  15. couldnt see my self payin over 10 for that doesnt even look like a gram

  16. I already know the weight. Just asking what people would pay for a bag of that. So i can see how my negotiation skills compare.
  17. £5, if they wanted £10, i'd go spend my money elsewhere.
  18. Well... how much does it all weigh?

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