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How much would you pay for a pack of Marijuana Cigarettes ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Zippoweed, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. If they legalised pot fully and completely and taxed it, how much would you expect to pay for a deck of 20's ?

    I reckon about $50 AUD sounds alright ?

    and also no "I'd never buy them/I'd only ever smoke a bong" answers please.
  2. I assume there will be be twenty in there.I can usually roll three joints of a dub.A dub is twenty dollars.It'd be pretty expensive.
  3. Of chronic? Shiiiit I'd pay a pretty penny. That would last forever.
  4. haha, I've often thought of this too because cigs are usually a gram each, and I think the price of 25gs would really turn people away. (We're talking like 100-400 dollar packs here, lol)

    But I really feel like the price will plumet when it becomes legal. Not only will it be easier to cultivate, but there will be more blatant competitions. I wouldn't be surprised to see a pack of mids drop to 30-50 dollars.

    Just one more reason to fucking vote. :smoke:
  5. haha

    Marlboro Schwag - $30

    Winfield Mids - $50

    Dunhill Dank - $100

    Longbeach SuperKhronic - $300

    hahaha oh I wish
  6. Being that it's fully legalized, it would probably run the price down. If it's dank, I'd say around $50-$60. About 6-8Gs in a pack of 20 joints. 7Gs is a quarter right there, and that's a bill typically in most states, sometimes $90. Even cheaper in CA and Cananda.
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    Prices would drop so stupidly though. Honestly, using the same quantity of cigs would be RETARDED. Then you have people pointing and saying, "where is my extra $300 going towards when I smoke just as much"

    I wouldn't be surprised to see 5 packs of J's or something like that going for 20 bucks.

    Edit: Lol you can also expect any kind of legal herb to have a filter on it and have a 21+ (maybe even higher to be honest) requirement
  8. I have about a dozen friends that would be broke the day that its legalized haha

    I'd love to see what filter replacement they come up with, hopefully it'd be identical to a normal filter but just doesn't filter thc
  9. right now? for some headies? cigar-ettes? like mini blunts? 20 of em? id pay like a million dollars if could. no joking
  10. This guy made me realize something...

    Most blunts have 1g of weed in them...

    And most cigs have 1g of tabacco in them...

    So whats with the size difference? Do they just mechanically compact that shit to make it so you WASTE more of their product?

    Shit... I'm pretty sure we just created a new conspiracy theory.
  11. hrm.. those are all variables in very large unworkoutable equation.. just mayybe.
    : D
  12. marijuana cigarettes man I can't wait marijuana price will go down but there will still be top shelf stuff that might be a good bit more expensive I bet there will be a 50 dollar box of super smokes

    I would still wanna buy buds tho nothing beats breaking bud with my buds
  13. Yeah but tobacco weighs alot less then cannabis, it's like a tonne of bricks vs a tonne of paper.
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    hmm.. given the choice, would take a tonne of cannabis, i think...

    What means this word? "matter"?

  15. no sir it would not :smoke:

    id pay 15 maybe 20 bux... no way am i spending more than a dollar on a cheap marlboro green
  16. i know thats the only way i'll stay away from those nasty tabbaco cigs.but i'd be up in the sky 24/7 lol
  17. because someone asked if theres roughly a gram in a cig and a gram in a blunt why are blunts bigger
  18. have you ever cut a blunt bro? thres easily 4 cigs ain a blunt lol
  19. true, bigger chunks also
  20. They probably wouldn't sell packs the same size as cigarettes. I'm guessing like packs of 2-4 for $10-$20. But when prices drop, who knows.

    I'd do it if I just needed to go grab some on short notice, but I'd prefer to just get some papers and some nugs.

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