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How much would you pay for a gram of this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tenninethousand, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Although this isn't the most revealing picture...from what you can see - how much would you pay for a gram of this homegrown? Also state your location.

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  2. 5 bucks maybe -Boulder CO

    Med card makes top knotch shit cheap here so dont take it as a "i think thats shitty cheap weed" i pay 8 bucks a gram for everything in my pick up thread pretty much
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    I would pay 20 a 1/4 ounce. So about 3 bucks a gram. Also, I would refer to that by the all inclusive term "dirt-weed"

    - Washington
  4. Yeah, I understand you lucky fuck lol. I guess I'm mainly looking for peoples opinion on the east coast/south.
  5. i'd throw down like 7 or 8 a g for that. not bad.
    45 minutes out of buffalo, ny
  6. Why? What did you grab it for?
  7. 10/g.
  8. Middies go for 20 an 8th around my parts. 110 or so an ounce. So you should sell it for around that. That's a fair and reasonable price IMO.
  9. I'd have to does look better in person. But, I'm still trying to decide on what I should get rid of it for.
  10. This is my answer as well.
    Washington as well.:smoke:
  11. 10 a g. Central, Illinois
  12. I think it would be fairly good bud if it was just trimmed correctly.
  13. Like 3-4 a G...

    Washington State
  14. if thats schwag then 100 an ounce.

    if its sensi or seedless then 200
  15. From what I can tell $5, I can get buds that look wayy better than that nug for $5, but it's not always about the looks.
  16. horrible trim job doesnt help
  17. Man it looks like some okay outdoor... but tis definately not worth full price. maybe $25 for an 8th MAX but it wouldnt be from me

  18. This.

    I'd pay 5/g for weed like that. But if it was trimmed correctly it looks like it could be better than regs.
  19. Shoooot...In Kentucky, weed with no seeds goes for $450 an OZ easy, and it doesn't even matter what it's called. They bust a lot of growers in Kentucky, but the ones who get away with it make a lot of bank.
  20. Two more pictures of the bud.

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