How much would you Feed these?

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  1. As title says... what EC/PPM would you Feed these at this stage? please

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  2. What the feed schedule for the nutes you are using says for whatever week you are in would be a good place to start.
  3. Will be using GHE nutes, no idea on age but i think around 3 weeks from clone( not sure tho)

    By the looks/size of it what you suggest? Need to know where to start so i dont over or under feed
  4. I'd start on week 3 medium feed schedule.
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  5. For reference, 800 ppm on the 500 scale is usually where my reservoir sits with Jacks 321. I feed that to seedlings as well as 6 ft tall plants. Anything around there should be just fine for your clones.

    Next time, feed every watering from day 1.
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  6. feed half the plants 600 and half 1000 ppm and see how they react also check your ph before and after in the runoff
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  7. What is your medium?
  8. Feed every watering? I thought we need to Feed every other watering?
  9. COMPO SANA compost (best quality soil i can buy)
  10. Dont know how much that wud help as there 4 different type and they all eat different....then i think i wont understand anything
  11. Okay yeah nevermind, I thought they were in coco.
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  12. When you check for run off ph/ppm for example if you water 1 L you need to get 25% (250ml) run off water before you check for ph/ppm? Or how is ideal please?
  13. Take a small scoop of soil (ideally not from right on the surface, but your containers are still small, so do what you can) and slurry it with equal part distilled water and check ph and ppm. I like mine in the neighborhood of 400 ppm or below for that size. I would warn you against trying to use other peoples ec numbers. So many variables from setup to setup. I would start with 50% of manuf recommendation on nutes to start and increasing as needed. Way easier to bump up a hungry plant than it is to un-overfeed one that’s pissed from overfeeding. Just watch how they react and don’t hesitate to test the soil now and again starting out until you know what your plants are telling you when you look at them. Hungry plants and overfed plants both show “deficiencies”, but they look very different once you know what you are looking for. Good luck getting them sorted. Cheers

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