How much would this ROOR be? in a headshop

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  1. come on guys. just one quick answer and its done. i know there are roorheads on here.
  2. I say you could probably snag it for like 250 with a diffy. could be wrong.
  3. Less than $260 for the .us version of a .5mm beaker. If you want that thickness, White, blue and black .us labels have that thickness I believe.
  4. well you figure you're asking for a price in a headshop so i gotta ask... are there any headshops around you that carry it? b/c if not then answering your question is pointless
  5. that post was pointless.

    why does it matter if im going to pick it up or not. i asked a simple question, how much would this cost in a headshop. if you dont have an answer, fine by me, just dont post meaningless things.

    how is it more for a us than a german? its 209 on the site. so your saying it is more for a us one from a local headshop?

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