how much would this cost?

Discussion in 'General' started by StickyxLover, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. how much would a quater of an ounce of decent bud cost me. cause on friday me and my buddy were thinking of buyin two $20 bags but were smokin with ppl so we would end up only paying $5 each for two twenty bags(were gettin 30 bucks) and i just wanted to know how much extra it would cost for a quarter of an ounce. idk if this is a stupid question cause i dont really know like the metric system or w.e so maby im talkin about a half an ounce but w.e.

    im just seeing if i can get more but for a little more money. thanks
  2. Depends on your area and whatnot.. there are a buncha bud price threads though...

    Normally a quarter of headies goes for 100 around here

    80-90 for some decent stuff :smoke:
  3. It basically depends on where abouts you are..

    quarter around here is about 50-60$..
  4. damn then i might do that just for 25 more each thats a good deal
  5. 50 to 60 for a 1/4 of good mids around here
  6. I get nice mids for $50 a 1/4, though that price is pushin it around here. The quality compared to everything else makes up for it though.
  7. and by the way im in long island, new york if that helps at all
  8. im in long island and prices for a quarter of decent dank is $75
  9. its 100 1/4 here in colorado
  10. $100 - Dank
    $50 - Commercial
  11. depends on what it is. i can get a quarter of mids for 35 but a quarter of really nice krip is like 100 to 120
  12. I can get a 1/4 of mids for 50 buck.

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