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  1. can somone pls give me a ruff estamite of what i would yield for 5 plant in a good guirilla spot
  2. probably around 1 oz total, weed plants don't get that big outdoors
  3. growintrees420 I don't think that's an appropriate estimate. With 5 plants youndbud should be able to yield 1.5 oz. But you're right, they don't get big outdoors.
  4. you yield way more outdoors then indoors and the sun is free, no power bill, depends on the strain and how much light they get, and what size pot and what nutes but you can easily get 2 pounds per a plant in 10 gallon buckets using good nutes so for 5 plants in 10 gallon pots a good high yielding strain and let them go till November you can get 2lbs each so about 10lbs from 5
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    I hate to bust your butt Greenthumb, but 10 gallons is a little small in order to get 2 pounds per holes are around 2 cubic feet which is...I think 10 gallons? I am shooting for 1/4 - 1/2 lb per plant. I don't think a 10 gallon root ball can support the baseball bat trunk of a 2 pound plant.

    And young, take an hour and read the stickies on how to grow, then look at a few journals PRETTY PLEASE, you will learn infinite information :D
  6. You're doin something wrong if you get 1 oz from 5 plants...
    With decent luck, assuming you'll lose some, I'm guessing 5-6oz
  7. 297 pounds
  8. What strain are they?

  9. You're both wrong. Plants get MUCH larger outdoors than indoors.

    To OP, listen if you take the time to read the information that is all over this forum and other forums, you can conduct an excellent grow. If you do everything right and use good soil and nutes w/ big holes, I wouldn't expect anything less than 1/4lb per plant.

    So if all 5 plants make it, thats just over a 1 pound.
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    Totally right sickleg! Couldn't of said it better my self 
  11. im planting them into the ground with earth soil and butting some fertilizer in it but the spot has sun light all day no shade
  12. A pound for his first grow? Comon guys...did you forget how many mistakes you made when you FIRST starting growing?!?! First off they are not feminized so your lucky if you get 3 girls. There is soo much shit that nature has in store for you over this grow season. If you harvest anything over a half pound...i'll give you some props. But shoot for a QP and treat em like your motherfuckin babys.
  13. if ur really asking that question you are new to growing, its asked every year and theres still no simple answer. dont get ur hopes up, its year 1 just be happy u grew ur own bud.
  14. WELL now im growing 16 plant and im shottin for at least 4 pounds to last the whole year
  15. as i said....... If its ur first grow then DONT get ur hopes up. I will bet you you wont get even half that. Growing is hard dude, sooooo much to learn. Its like an artform dude, u cant expect 4 lbs. Thats THOUSANDS of dollars worth of nugget. it AINT that easy dude. Let me see you grow, whats ur plan, soil, ferts, organic?, you topping or fimming? what size are u containers, what are your strains, ect, ect, ect,,,,,
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    Follow what the aforementioned comments are (especially Sickleg) veg indoors as long as you can splitting some time in hidden direct sunlight outside. Should use 14-15 gallon containers white and dig large holes to place during the day in ground, then with flowering stage about to start (depends on where you live) you can then transplant if you want a better yield into your in ground grow area, making sure that the area is completely tilled, and mixed with a good grow soil such as Fox Farms, some use Miracle Grow soil, so do your own research and decide for yourself as there are costs involved. Better the soil, nutes, and very close care will point you in the right direction. Marijuana: Indoor/Outdoor Guide by Jorge is another excellent resource for you as it shows many different color photos as to what your potential problems are as you progress trough the grow. Good Luck! Get a PH tester, and Temp gage for your containers making sure that your in container dirt never gets above 75% to be safe or you will cook the roots.
  17. I got 6.6 ounces off one bagseed I had. It all depends on how you grow it. I grew in my backyard so everyday I could check it for bugs and make sure it got plenty of water when planted in the ground. Got about 4 feet tall. But yeah man all depends on how successful you are. Who knows? You might get all males and get 0 oz or a pound... just make sure you are patient
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    Call me different, but since I only grow a few plants legally, I always back up with an equal amount of clones, put in a different area than my F1 seedings, therefore I am always assured of the right amount of females no matter if all turned out to be males;IE best is F1 seedlings, but again I back up with clones just in case....
  19. its i my first grow but i have been reading alot and i am growing in earth soil fertilized and i will probly do a lst with some of my plants i dont have to worry about watering but you dont think if i manage to keep at least 8 i cant get atleast 2-4pounds
  20. I wouldnt count the chickens before they mentioned there is a lot more to it than you imagine and its not as easy as just planting some seed and letting them grow but with a little luck and a little bit of care surely you can pull 1.5-2 z's per.

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