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How much would a 2 ft plant yield?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by nathon418, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Estimates?
  2. Some, give or take abit.
  3. 1 Gram, to 2.75 fuckloads of weed.
    Honestly, it depends on your light, soil/hydro, genetics of the plant, how well you grow the plant. There are a lot more, no person in the world could answer "How much would a 2 ft plant yield?"
  4. Yup what he said
  5. well since you feel the need to ask, I feel the need to tell..A 2ft plant WILL yeild 50 pounds exactly on the dot, no more, no less..When you harvest hit me up, I am charging 5 pounds for this information..
  6. I choked on my roor when I read that. Seriously, bong water ALL OVER THE PLACE. Good thing it was fresh.

    I will entertain the question. I had a 19" lowryder that yielded 38 grams and a 3' bagseed that yielded 22. It is much like asking "how does sex feel?" It all depends on how you do it bro.
  7. my two foot plant yielded 2 OZ
    i dont know what your set up is but you can check it out by clicking on the signature
    might give you and idea on what to expect depending on what you plan to use to grow
  8. Yea I would like too know the samethig

    I have a 250w hps in a 2sf space and I'm flowering 4 plants..... What shold I expect? At the time I'm just learning so I'm trali and eorr with some bag seeds, but for my second crop I'm going for some clones I got from my local medical spot OG kush and durbin star. I'm hopeing for the best out of this (S) I'm looking for a good (I) if any one know any please let me know

    Power to the ppl!!!!:hello::cool:
  9. what they said
  10. First off bro sorry you gotta deal with all these dickhead responses. People always criticize yield questions though cause for some reason noone understands the idea of an "average". Anyways i actually about 2-3 foot plants. Takes about 28 days from seed to bloom and then the normal flowering time. Yield is usually between 1-2 ounces(depending on strain) though you somtimes get some lame phenos that only give say 7g dry and sometimes you get a fat one with 3 or more ounces. Just depends. But on AVERAGE assuming you run a halfass legit operation expect 1-2 ounces a plant.
  11. seriously, why is it THAT important to know how much each plant will yield? everyone of my clones produce a different ammount even though there from the same mother have the same light schedule and get the exact same ammount of nutrients. im guessing you just want to know how much money you will get off your crop so you can upgrade your grow or buy those new big fancy rims or 15" sub/s for your honda civic. just be patient its exciting to see the dry weight after a good cure.
  12. first off bro lots of people need to have an idea of their yield so that they can make sure their growing enough to sustain their habit for a 2-3month period while they grow more buds. and the fact that everyone of your clones is producing a different amoung of bud is probably a clue you dont know shit about this. if your growing the same strain from a mother plant and all the clones are growing differently, than youre doing something wrong. while the plants may not be identical, they should grow/yield about the same unless your really doing something wrong. All the same i wish jackasses like you would stop ripping on guys like this. this guy wants to plan out his grow and make sure he roughly has enough plants for his needs(whatever they may be personal or commercial). bottomline you had absolutely nothing to contribute to this thread so next time post your badmouthing in another forum unless youre down to help people...
  13. It's feels like a million little trumpets playing at the same time.

  14. It is truly an unanswerable question as stated.
  15. About 2-3 Oz.
  16. I with Kitten here!

    If I had the width of the canopy, I could make it sound like my estimate is as accurate as Kittens, so here goes.

    3 inch top
    6 main stem buds
    12 popcorn buds
    12 side stem buds

    34 grams harvest
    17 grams dry
  17. Well said. It would seem that there are clowns who get their jollies from laughing at others. I think the guy posed a legit question. Assuming you know enough then you can definitely expect over 1 oz with 2 - 3 oz being the upper limit. NOTHING WRONG WITH THE QUESTION. That's what the forum is for! it is not owned by tools like BhamBubzNW, Russy etc. so dont listen. the fact that they cant answer shows how much they know LOL I love the "experts" who dont answer the q and just sneer. They expose themselves as the frauds they really are. if they cant provide an estimate to a simple q like that then I doubt they grow at all. WANNA-BE ALERT
  18. i like what ^^^ said, i doubt dem boys ever successfully germinated a seed let alone grew anything, if you got a 2 foot plant you should get two zones fo sho cuz, keep puffn stay green and keep your mouth shut and your trap open :cool:
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