How much would 2 plants smell?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420bruh, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I was thinkin of growing 2 plants in a closet in my room, this is going to be my first time so im just going to grow some mids seeds i got a while back. I go in there regularly and I was wondering how much would they smell?
  2. It will smell to much if ur in a situation where its important that noone knows what ur doing
  3. Yea u have to at least have your own place. U can hide it from neighbors but not roommates, or parents.
  4. Assume they will stink up the whole house, because that probably will be the case if you do nothing to combat the odor.

    You'll also need to cut holes in that closet walls/ceiling for ventilation, including a good place to vent to (like an attic or basement) or not only will you have odor problems but also temp problems.

  5. Man, I knew a guy who had 4 plants in a small basement grow that he vented outside. During veg you couldn't smell hardly a thing, once he switched to flower the house began to smell, about week # 4 you could distinctly smell it outside of his house, he had a 4th of July party and invited his boss over for a small party on his patio and his boss kept smelling it stating "One of your neighbors definitely has a grow op!" It was way too funny watching him squirm every time this guy said it! The very next day my friend bought a 4" Vortec fan and small Dragon carbon filter, problem was instantly solved! No smell inside, no smell out side. Highly recommended if you are seriously thinking of this venture! 2 plants during flower will easily stink up a whole house, maybe if you can set up in your attic? As stated, ventilation is key for smell and removal of heat.

  6. It depends heavily on the strain, how air tight your grow closet is, and how much money you are willing to invest in air cleaners. Small ozone generators, and activated charcoal filters can eliminate odor if run properly.

    Chances are, it is going to stink.

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