How much with an air cooled reflector decrease 1000w temps?

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  1. I have a 1000w Valuline HPS light with the regular aluminum wing reflector that is used in a medium sized closet. With the door open and fans going and all that the temperature in the closet is fine, but if the door is closed it gets hot way to fast, and id like to change that (id much prefer to keep the door closed for security/stealth reasons).

    Can anyone give me an estimated decrease in ambient temp if I were to upgrade my reflector to something like the LumenAire6 or 8? I dont have a blower so the heat would probably be exhausted with inline fans blowing the air out underneath the door.

    Thank you. :smoking:
  2. I couldn't give you an exact temp drop... but I'd have to say any type of exhaust system would probably help a considerable deal... Especially if it was trying to draw heat away right at the source.

    I really don't know, though.
  3. either get a aircooled reflector with air ducting, or make a cooltube with a reflector which goes straight into the ducting.
  4. I've personally seem one of these 1000watt hps air cooled systems in action and they're amazing. I seen perfectly fine plants around 10 inches away. Worth the case for sure, it's less than $60 to have one added.
  5. If you can proprerly aircool your 1000w, meaning pulling cool air thru it and exhausting it out of your grow room, you will save 10 degrees. If you use insulated ducting, you can save a couple of more degrees. And yes, you can keep the 1000w 10-12' away from the canopy.
  6. Ive just setup a 600watt version with a cool tube and it reduces temps by 20+ degrees if ducted right... its a dif size tube for 1000w so i dont know exactly but if run with an inline fan expect the same 80*f i guestimate

    gl with the grow :smoking:

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