How much wind for my seedlings?

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  1. Hey guys! Ive been noticing that my seedlings are a bit stringy and the stems haven't increased in size. So I added a box fan to counteract the stringyness. I need some tips on how much wind would effect my seedlings. When I turn it on medium or high, the plants wobble quite a lot. My question is, how resilient are the seedlings and can they handle high speeds?

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  2. How close is ur light they are a little stretched

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  3. Im pretty sure I fixed the stretching problem by watering less. The lights are two 43w bulbs and are positioned about 8 inches from the plants. They have seemed in the last two days to stop streching. I'm trying to thicken up the stems :)
  4. time for some better lighting . its not because there is no wind . the plant is growing towards the light stretching . what you can do when you replant just put most of the stem into the new dirt it will from into roots . and its not over or under watering . and throw those old bulbs into the trash . any bulb that pulls 43 watts is junk today they have led bulbs uses 15 watts and just as bright as a 100 watt bulb put 3 or 4 these over the plants about 8 inches away plants will love it . here . some think like this . 12 x A21 E26 LED Light Bulbs 100 watt equivalent (15W), Daylight (5000K),1500lm
    this will greatly improve your veg and stop the stretch .
  5. Good Idea. I did some research about lumens and how a basic house bulb is shitty for growing. Right now all I have is 2 43w bulbs and a 1000w HPS so I'm probably going to get those for getting them started. Thanks :)
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