How much will they make?

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  1. hey guys so I’ve got 3 unknown strains growing and they are 2 months and 2-3 weeks old 2 months in Veg and 2-3 weeks in flower,have topped them all once in the centre and one of them was topped 5 times

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  2. Good looking plants. You will have a good yield as I can see multiple tops in a single plant. Keep us posted. Good job!
    Happy growing!!
  3. Ummm... tops for dayzzzz
    Well done
  4. Cheers haha honestly thought fuck it and just topped one 5 times and sent it,seemed to have worked haha
  5. I’m hoping for atleast 10oz do you reckon I’ll get that?
  6. Depends what lights youve got mate. If theres enough wattage on them you could easily get more than that id say.

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  7. I have a 600w god light,it covers 1.2m squared
  9. Gotta love those repeated threads from the same OP with the same title within 2 days of each other because he didn't get an answer to a un-unanswerable question like what's my harvest gonna be LOL!

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