How much will one plant get me?

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  1. How long will one plant last me?
    I honestly don't think too much of mary jane in terms of weight. I think in terms of nicks and dimes and dubs... Which that isn't very helpful because that's price and not weight. Stupid ik.

    Point is: How many bowls or how long would a plant last me if only me and some friends use its harvest? :confused:

    Thanks guys. You're the best!:hello:
  2. I know we all hate 'it depends' as an answer ya go....

    It depends on the strain, the quality of the care, the method of growing and the environment. One reasonably happy bagseed plant thats had no particular care (outdoor wild grow) got two of us smokable bud for a few days.

    Four carefully tended, nurtured and loved indoor plants grown from purchased seed can yield nearly an ounce each. We have good lights, fertilizer, heat, circulating air...

    One really pampered plant can do wonderful things, I'm sure, but you're going to have to treat it like royalty.

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  3. it really does depend on a lot of things. strain, how long vegged, how well it was cared for etc. i do single plant grows and ive yeilded no less than 6oz per plant for my last 2 grows. thats really just to broad of a question
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    ok well I'm just goint to assume a second to worst case scenario then... it's a mid. And is grown as best as I can with adequate water but maybe adequate lighting and ventilation due to the fact that I'm trying to keep this thing on the down low :p

    and yeah I was expecting a "depends" answer... lol but given the situation up there... maybe....half an ounce? quarter? :S
  5. see all 3 above.
  6. Anywhere from one joint to two pounds.

    You haven't even told us how you would intend to grow, which renders your question to about the same level as asking "how far will a gallon of gas take me?" without even revealing if you are riding a Moped or a Hummer...
  7. You can't just have a solid answer, not even all strains grow the same way, plus it depends on well you care for it and what kind of equipment you provide, shit man use your're head, if you cant even think about that I dont know how far you will get, you might want to just save your money and keep buying weed from dealers.
  8. Ok guys I get it. I'm a noob at this. :eek:

    I guess I'll have to find out for myself...
  9. And then you get to tell us!

    one joint to two POUNDS? one one plant? be still my beating heart. REALLY??

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  10. yea there was a guy with a pot tree medicail grow on here and i think he got 10 pounds or more from one plant, but this is really rare!! Someone calculated that he can smoke 2.6 gs an hour for the next year.
  11. Wow. Even I'm incredulous to the validity of such a claim...
    I mean it would be alot if the plant itself (NOT THE DIRT AND POT IT IS PLANTED IN!!) weighed 10 pounds. that thing would either be a giant, or just be genetically designed to give off an OUTRAGEOUS amount of bud....

    that is of course, how I understand things.

    Anyway, I got another question.

    I've been growing plants indoors for awhile now. like years. and years. and years. I rarely ever fertilize anything. pne time we got some ferts for all the plants and one time my mom put coffee grounds on the dirt. (bad idea in most cases. Mold ate away the coffee in one or two pots and a few reacted adversely too it...)

    Anyway. If I just get some good soil for weed at lowes or someplace, with the right ph and everything

    Would the plant be at least OK if I didn't monitor it so rigorously? These guides on here seem to make growing a full time job. Yet I have house plants that require little more than water once a week and ferts once every few years. they do fine!
  12. Hey man. Don't be so condescending. I got a good head on my shoulders. I've only recently started smoking, yet my frugality prohibits me from metaphorically burning my money away buying weed. :mad:

    I know the value of a dollar and I've spent close to 90 on weed plus the bubbler and etc.
    That's too much money for me.

    which is why I want to invest in a closet grow op....maybe, just one or two plants. then I'll be a ok :) even if it does require money, the investment will pay off soon enough :D I don't see why everyone doesn't grow :D aside from the legal implications
  13. I had a similar dilemma whern I stated growing. Not having any earthly idea of how many plants I need to grow to get an amount that would sustain myself and my GF. 1 plant? 10 plants? 100 plants? I just wanted a ballpark figure so I could decide the scope of my project - like how big the box needs to be.

    You seem to be a smart guy. You used punctuation and paragraphs in your posts, that more intelligent than most people on here. Certainly nobody can give you a number that can be counted on, but surely someone that has grown before can give you some sort of ballpark.

    That being said, I'm only 4 weeks into my first grow so I am only going off what I have seen in other people's journals. Maybe someone with a little more experience can back me up or refute me on this.

    On your first grow, expect 1/4 ounce per plant. If you get lucky you might get 1/2 ounce. If you are super lucky and careful and get yourself a nice setup, maybe more. But if you go into it hoping that all your work might pay off in the form of one nice 1/4 ounce bag, then anything more that you get will be icing on the cake.

    I have six plants and hope to get three females out of them. I have 8 square feet of floor space. If I get 1 ounce from that I will be ecstatic.

  15. Ha thanks for the flattering my ego dude. And thank you. I was expecting a quarter from each plant. It might take time to be profficient enough to make some quality quality mj.
    This. This right here, was the responce I was hoping for. Plus rep man!!!

    btw, too true. It's kinda sad to see that no one knows words such as "disillusioned" "congruence" and other multi-syllable words. haha. Oh well.

    Edit: looks like I've given you rep beforee and I need to spread it around before giving you more. :eek:

    Too true but I know for a fact you europeans are just as lazy!!!!! if not more so because alot of you are rich bastards. I know alot of swiss peeps so yea. haha old girlfriend. So hott. too bad she pissed me off :rolleyes: :(
  16. An experienced grower with a decent closet setup, decent height available, soil grow in 3-5 gal pots and not skimping on lights, nutes, fans, supplies, etc can get 3-4 oz per plant on average. Maybe more, it still "all depends."

    A newbie is real hard to project -- impossible actually. I advise newbies that they should look at the first grow as a learning experience, there's a good chance you'll kill or seriously mess up the plant. If you do get it to harvest you could get anywhere from a few grams to 3 oz.

    Don't skimp on pot size -- you can't grow a big plant with a small root system. Go organic, give them lots of proper-spectrum light, keep temps and pH in line, feed less rather than more, and you could come out nicely even on your first grow.


    He unforutunatly didn't post his final weight of his biggest plant, but check it out... I didnt beleive it when i saw it, but he harvested more then ive ever seen anyone harvest.
  18. hey, i've gotten as much as 8oz from 1 plant but it vegged for 4 months, and as little as 1/4 from one that was a medium sized plant but was in poor conditions, make sure your plant is happy, and she will reward you. check out the book "how to supercharge your garden"
  19. What part of the US do you live in? I ask because if you live in a place suitable to growing at this time of year (like Florida) you might want to consider an outdoor grow. My buddies and I have grown several plants in Northern Illinois with minimal effort or experience and have had decent results. The trick is selecting the right strain. Getting feminized seeds may help you as well.

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