How much will my plants yield?

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  1. I'm growing plants to make a nice legal smoking blend. They include: Baybean, Blue Waterlily, Damiana, Lion's Tail 'Orange,' Maconha Brava, Marihuanilla, Opium Lettuce, Scarlet Sage, Skullcap, Syrian Rue, Turkestan Mint, Wild Dagga.

    How much do you think each plant will yield once matured (on average, in grams) if:

    The leaves are used?
    The flowers are used?

    (Guesses are welcome, I'm just trying to get an estimate)
  2. All those names are great but you said nothing about your setup lights,soil or hydro,what size is the room you are growing in?? Even with all that info its still a very hard question to answer.

  3. Between 1.2 grams and 4.5 pounds.
  4. No way dude, he has SKULLCAP.... 1.2g- 5.7lbs
  5. I'd suggest going organic. It really effects the overall development of the plants. If you've already started though, it's kind of too late. Either way, keep us updated. I've never seen a smoke blend thread.
  6. OMG not 'skullcap' LOL
  7. why not just smoke bud instead?
  8. LOL I thought this was a cannabis site

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