How much will my electric bill increase???

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  1. Any idea on how much my electric bill will increase with 1 X 1000 watt bulb?

    I live in South Florida.

    I'm just looking for a ball park figure, like $50, $100, etc...
  2. Ballpark at an average kWh rate (say, 12 cents) during veg at 24/0 would be about 85 a month. Swap to 18/6 in veg if you want to save approx. 20%.
  3. Figure how many hours that bulb will be on per month. How many hours a day will you run it -- 12? 18? 24? Take that figure, multiply by the bulb wattage (1,000), multiply that by 30 (days in a typical month), divide by 1,000, and that is how many kilowatt hours the bulb will use per month.

    Now, pull out your last electric bill. It might show the rate on there, if not just divide the total amount of the last bill by the number of kilowatt hours consumed for an average kwh rate. Multiply that rate by the total kilowatt hours you calculated above.

    1,000w bulb on 18 hrs per day x 30 = 540 kilowatt hours per month

    Last bill was $120 and you consumed 850 kilowatt hours = 14.1[FONT=&quot]¢[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT] per kilowatt hour

    540 x $0.141 = $76 per month added to your bill
  4. a rough guess... and this is pretty educated is around
    60-80 USD extra a month for the light alone... and that's running it 18/6

    that is not including fans, hydro pumps, exhaust or anything else electrical... just a 1k wattage hps.

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