how much will my electric bill go up?...

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  1. I was just wondering how much a month my electric bill would go up using 135 watts of Florescent Spiral lights...a combination of soft whites, Daylight, and red
  2. 135 Watts x Number of hours turned on per day x 30 days x Cost per KwH / 1000

    There you go!
  3. I'm not shure since KwH is Kilowatt / Hour, wouldnt he have to multiply 0,135 instead of 135?
  4. Precisely.That's why I divided by a thousand at the end :).
  5. hahahaha, about 9-10 bucks if that and thats veg with the light on for 24 hours a day

    0.135 x 24 hours a day = 3.24 kwh

    3.24 kwh x 30 days = 97.2

    97.2 x (what you pay kwh national avg is 10 cent) 97.2 x .10 = 9.72
  6. One...Trillion...Dollars... *places pinky finger at corner of mouth*

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