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How much will get me high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stonergirl42069, May 16, 2012.

  1. Im 19 5"6 100 pounds and a girl I just bought 2 joints off my best friend for 10$ it's bc bud and I'm wondering how many puffs would it take to get high?
  2. Also my first time smoking
  3. Any pictures of your joint's? How fat, etc.

    Should be enough to get you high if it's dank and your first time smoking. Enjoy :smoking:
  4. just take like 3 good drags and wait like 2 mins and see how you feel then take some more if necessary.

    Edit: oh and remember its impossible to overdose on weed, just keep that in mind if you ever feel "too high"
  5. They only have .7 in the joint and it's bc bud
  6. 2 joints ... 10 bucks ... BC Bud ... Something about this seems awfully fishy.

  7. What Seems fishy?
  8. Dude, seriously only you know that. You learn that yourself like the rest of us. Once you get experienced you will know. Since it's your first time just smoke until you cant stop. That will be the highest you get in your life.
  9. just light up a joint and smoke it make sure youre inhaling wait 5 minuts after the first if youre not high light the other one
  10. If it's your first time you may not get high at all. Make sure you're really inhaling deep into your lungs.
  11. it really shouldnt even take a whole J. . just a good sized puff or 2 is plenty fora first high. . some ppl get too high and end up sick n shit. waiy like fifteen min. if you want to be higher at that point light it up again and judge from the first two how much more you want. .
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    If each joint is .7, then one will be enough to get you super high if you inhale properly.
  13. I pay about $5/jay (though I normally buy buds), in BC. Nothing fishy, its just not too expensive here. :)
  14. That seems a tad small

  15. That should be more than enough for a first timer with dank. I don't know what kind of tolerance you have lol.
  16. Not if it's only .07 ;)

  17. all of it
  18. I agree with the comments on pacing yourself. Especially as you're crazily skinny! I was in the hospital a few lbs under your weight and I'm much shorter than you!

    .7 is perfectly decent for a first time smoker. However, did you see her roll it? I know she's your friend (fair enough she doesn't want to smoke you out for free esp. if she doesn't know you'll even like it) but I've never bought a pre rolled joint.

    We also don't know the strain or quality... This is something you'll have to work out yourself and take note of how high you get any different stages. The only way you really learn to gauge yourself is when you're regularly rolling and smoking your own J's..
  19. Really, just smoke it and find out. Why run online to ask random people when its sitting right there?
  20. Probably three or four all together

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