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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by greengrow3, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Does anybody know how much gamestop will give for a DS Lite??

    They sell it for $80 now, do you think i would be able to get $40?

    Im going to try and go this week to know for sure, im just trying to see if its worth the trip
  2. dont know what to tell you but honestly expect something low in the 25-30$ range
  3. never, ever trade in a console to gamestop.

    youll get like 15% of the actual value
  4. You can call them and they should be able to give you an estimate. You would get more money listing it on craigslist.
  5. I sold an orginal DS like 6 months ago on craigslist for $60
  6. I believe they have trade in bonus' tonight for the AC release, but i assume its only on games, not consoles....
  7. I use eBay to sell games cuz stores give you barely anything for it. I'd imagine it would be the same for consoles
  8. sell it on craigslist..whenever i sell something involving video games on craigslist it takes me like a day or 2 to sell it. i sold a friends ds lite there once and got 65
  9. yeah, Ebay if you're willing to wait a bit. craigslist if you wanna sell that shit fast. I sold a
    Wii/controller/4games for like 275 in one weekend.
  10. I called and they told me i have to bring it in, but ive called before and they told me an actual number so im just going to go in later today.

    If i sell on ebay do i need a credit card? or can i use a debit because i don't have an account
  11. Last I checked, eBay requires a credit card, or at least a paypal account (you will need some money for eBay fees). You should just post it on Craigslist, man. Gamestop is a ripoff when trading shit in.
  12. does anyone know how much they would give you for a 8g ipod nano the one with the camera
  13. You have to bring the ipod in, thats what they said when i called about my Ds lite
  14. I don't think Gamestop buys iPods
  15. You'll get $25. I sold one recently.
  16. So i went in and traded in my DS Lite and got $35 and im going back tomoro to trade in a few games to get Skyrim!! WOOOHOOO

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