How much will a small plant produce in flowering? Any tips to make it bigger?

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    So I had four plants growing, for three months. They got to my desired height, and i started flowering. 3/4 plants were male!! :(
    So now my smallest plant is the only female i have. its 14 inches tall, under 2 cfl's and 1 fluorescent tube, 24hr fan, and 12/12 cycle for 9 days so far. I'm using VF-11 nutes, but lessened up since it's flowering time.

    It has a nice flower, but the plant isn't bushy at all. Its small.
    I wanted to see how much it might produce?
    And any tips/tricks to make this baby bigger?
    I can transplant it into a bigger pot, should I?
    anything will help. thanks guys!

    any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. bigger pot will help if its root bound (1 gallon per 1 month of grow time)
    if its not an autoflower strain you can always switch back to 18/6 and let it veg out a little longer, thus prolonging time to harvest, looks like you could LST that girl as well, maybe even pull off some of her to clone.
  3. From the picture, you have kept your lights too far away from the plant, and you probably don't have enough light as well.

    That's why it's tall and spindly rather than nice and bushy. In the future, if you have to use florescent lights, you need to keep them almost touching the plant, and add more of them.
  4. Okay, so I think I'm gonna go transplant it into a bigger pot right now. the one it's in is like 5 inches in diameter by 6 in depth.
  5. Like it was stated before, a bigger pot is needed. Get a 12" 3-gallon pot at Home shouldn't need anything bigger.

    But as also pointed out, your real problem is that your plant is stretching for light. You don't have the lights close enough. Fluoros should be 2-4" away from the plant, as they are only really effective for about 16"-18" from the light source. Anything past that, and the plant doesn't really have enough light to thrive (thus it is hard to grow tall/spindly plants with fluoros)...and any buds you do get will be tiny. And from your growth, it doesn't look like you're gonna have too many.

    My addition would be to add molasses every other week during watering. 1 tbsp's per gallon...and adding more as you have more and more buds on the plant (up to about 2 tbsp per gallon). You can read up on it pretty much anywhere...
  6. More light. No tricks, no gimmicks, you need more light if you want more bud. ;)
  7. love the tape job:hello:
  8. As you might have read by now, you do have a light issue. Your plant have stretched out towards the light. To keep a plant shorter and bushy you need to provide more light closer and around the plant.

    I aint no pro but the pros told me so :D
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    if its in early stages of flowering. and you put it back into veg growth 16/8 hours light. you should take a clone (if at all possible) i know you may not have branches but only one top....

    if you put it into veging try to LST. because you put it back into veging it will start gettin REALLY bushy... if you take clones from that the clones will get really busy and be a great plant to flower. search "flowering clone"


    obtw, you should hvae at least 100 wats of CFL on that baby.... yes about 4-5 compact fluorescent lights that equal 26 TRUE wats. thats 100 watts equivalent , and that tube fluor you got, should be no more then about 6 inches or as much as 4 inches from the plant...... but please keep a fan on them, you dont want to bake your plant..... YOU NEED MORE LIGHT!

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