how much will a plant yield?...

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  1. hey im completely new to growing and im not even sure that ill try it. first i would like to know even though im sure it varys on how much a single mj plant will yield in like grams or ounces if its that much. if its to low im not gonna take the risk, just wondering. thanks
  2. It depends on the strain of the plant, the size of the plant, how you grow the plant, etc.
    This is such a popular question, and it's one that is so difficult to answer because of all the variables.

    You can get grams, you can get ounces, you can get nothing
  3. anywhere from 0g to 5lb depending on a couple different things:p
  4. Dude, honestly...SEARCH BUTTON! holy shit..
  5. Will it be under the sun or just under a bulb??

    How big is the container it will be growing in??

    And about twenty other questions.

    Growing on my terrace in 7.5 UK gallon pots using my own soil mix and a plant-based liquid fert I grow and make myself I averaged 12.5 ounces per plant in 2005. Best was 16.3 ounces. But I do get day-long sunshine throughout the MJ growing season.

    Good luck to you.
  6. how much do you sell that for? and how long have you been doing it? and what kind of plant is it? ha, sorry so many questions, but i got alot of them and i can only ask them when i think of them
  7. do you have any pics of these monsters?:confused:
  8. he must be growing them for atleast 3 months before putting them into flower.
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