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how much will $100 get me =)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ismokeghudbud, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. #1 ismokeghudbud, Mar 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2011
    at normally much would $100 get me!, reply asap =)

    **edit** i figured it out, no need to tell me anymore =), ty for who posted!!! ily
  2. depends.
    what kind of weed? quality?
    to answer your question, a quarter ounce of dank (7 grams)
  3. Dunno, send me the $100 and I'll find out real quick.
  4. In my area, Grams go for usually $15-20, quads go for about $80-90

    what area are you in?
  5. 7 grams aka a quarter ounce. Or at least it should provided your getting a small discount with the more you buy each time.

    20 a g,55-60 a eight, 100-110 a q. sounds right i guess but you gotta talk them down a bit, to 100.

    I don't pay that much but its more expensive in the usa.
  6. $90-$100 can get me 1/4th (7.2 grams)
  7. Depends where you are. You could get a kilo, you could get a gram.
  8. im in southern minnesota, 55049 is zip.
  9. h/o for 75 for low-med mids :D yeah shitty indiana weed
  10. haha best quality, that one hit quitter haha =), i dont smoke shit weed...anymore =p
  11. About a Q of some dank.
  12. math helps...

    But seriously, just think about it, unless your dealer is stingy youl prob get around a quad or 7.2g
  13. We really don't have dank in my area, so 100 will get me an ounce of mids, gay Oklahoma weed.
  14. Should be about an 8th

  15. You make it sound as if you been smoking forever,
    yet still asking what 100 gets you.

    Its hard to answer these questions because it depends on your dealer.
    Why people ask this question here instead of to their dealer, baffles me.
  16. 100$ can get you 5 Hours..

    Oh wait we are talking about bud?..

  17. your paying 75 for a half?
    indianas bad, but not that bad lol

  18. you pay 100 for an 8th? you sir are overpaying. find a new dealer.

  19. lol i live in a tiny ass town with 3500 people. but im going to college in a big town in the next 4 months. so cant wait on the good bud

  20. im from a town of like 10k here in indiana
    are you gettin schwag that everyone passes off as mids? lol damn dealers
    what college you thinkin of going to man?

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