How much weight?

Discussion in 'General' started by Iceman, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Im fairly new to the great green, and i was wandering approximately what the weights are for the following in your normal, everyday, run of the mill, swag

    A normal Ounce
    A normal half ounce
    a normal quarter ounce
    a (20) bag
    a dime bag
    a nickel bag

    i havent bought a whole lot yet, and the reason why is beacause i dont want to get shitted and i dont know they weights...
  2. do we already have a thread about this somewhere?

    if not


    as far as 20bag dime bag and nickel go, those are the prices, dime is $10 nick is $5, usually a nick is however much they feel like giving you. and with those it depends on the quality

    top quality goes for $20 a gram in some places and you can buy an 1/8 or a little more of low quality for $20
  3. do a search... theres a bunch of threads on here about it...... some even including pictures...:)

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